Well, I meant to take today off to hang around the room and rest up for the next four days. But I had to walk over to the convenience store and by the time I was finished, I had gone all the way through the local market, caught a cab down to the Malecón, and walked for eight hours! I caught a bus back to Ixtapa, had a small seafood pizza, and finally made it to the convenience store, and back to my room. I doubt that anyone who knows me will find this believable, but there it is. I was photographing all that time, as well. Here are a few results, all are taken with my iPhone 6s Plus, and adjusted in Snapseed.

Gerard and Dini, my hosts and I were all complaining this morning over breakfast, the way today's kids all have there noses buried in their electronic devices, missing the world around them…

When ancient and modern meet…

I know this one looks posed, but it's as candid as can be…

Gerard and Dini are from Holland as is my fellow guest whose name I can't pronounce. They tell me goodnight is vaskrister, and by listening to them talk to the dog Nana, I've learned to say naey for no. This evening, they were playing cards and I learned to say Oholyshit! I think it means You're beating me again.

Now, I'm off to bed early for a little of that rest I had promised myself.

I need that rest, obviously.

Hasta mañana.


13 thoughts on “A DAY OFF

  1. Wonderful narrative to the beginning of your (and we your sojourning followers). Great pics. Sir. (I have to look into that app Snapseed.)
    Tell your Dutch roommates: Dag! All a mal! Love the Dutch. Spent a year living with them and working in DeBilt & Utrecht.

  2. Before I read your remarks I was looking at these two women and thinking how Dutch they look. The strong legs. I am partly Dutch myself. Grandmother came from the Friesian NE of Holland.
    Larry says I have Dutch ankles. Sturdy.

  3. But, he also says that thick ankles are a sign of sterling character!!
    Take the good with the bad. Don’t know how this opinion is determined and don’t want to know.

  4. Loving this vicarious adventure in Mexico so much Juan!! So jealous! especially of the Charros, young and old. Keep ’em coming! And go have supper at “The Red Cabbage” . Order the stuffed poblano with walnut sauce…can’t remember the name of it. To die for. XX

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