After all that color, it seems a bit of behind the scenes black and white is in order.

Hasta mañana.


5 thoughts on “STARTING YOUNG

  1. Sure is. The amazing thing is how kids this size have the complete run of the place, yet never get into or cause any trouble. Also, though tequila and beer are readily available, I never see any drunkenness, arguing, or even cross words or any sign of rudeness among either performers or audience. Only polite behavior.

  2. Cuzbro, That was likely the age at which you and I held our first lariats. I think I remember trying to rope you across Grandma Harris’ front yard in Winslow… circa 1950. [60 What(!?) Years Ago?!!! : ]

      1. For a short while, I thought that I was pretty good rope’n from a horse… then a young heifer yanked me out of the saddle. I remember being airborne…. We were Both shocked when SHE tripped and landed on top of me. My eyes still bulge when I think of it and those last thoughts of a ‘rodeo career’. : ]

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