I ate a shark. A shark didn't eat me. I'm not sure what kind of shark it was, but I have to admit, it was disappointing. Flabby and watery, it was not at all what I expected. I'm fighting a cold, so nothing really tastes good just now. Oh, I should point out that I ate a small piece of a shark, not the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I'm in Chapala and a bit under the weather. Here are a couple of shots from around here and in Ajijic.

This last one, a donkey planter, I would love to take home to Thea. It would fit right into her garden. At least I can bring home the photo.

Back, I think, to Guadalajara tomorrow. Then on to???

Hasta mañana.


4 thoughts on “I WIN!

  1. Ajijic, what a great photo, the next to the last. Wondering where that was. I am pretty familiar with that town as friends lived there for years. When are you coming this way?

  2. Yes, the planter is really cute. Larry’s cousin ate a shark once. He threw up all night. But,this plate looks tasty.

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