I had planned on leaving back to Guadalajara this morning. But since I didn't feel any better than I had yesterday, I decided to sign on here for two more nights and try taking better care of myself so, maybe, I can get rid of this cough and get on with life. Since the start of the malecón is just a couple of blocks away, I thought a short walk and a nice meal would help. Just after passing the Cathedral, I encountered this beautiful resort built in1903.

I walked on down to and along the lakeside for a block or so, and got a couple of shots.

The first restaurant I encountered, the Beer Garden, looked inviting, and since there was nothing else in site, I went in and took a seat. I new I needed a substantial meal, but nothing at all looked appealing. Then I saw it. Trucha, Trout. And potatoes.

I don't mean to turn this into one of those “what I had to eat today” blogs, but after yesterday's diappointing “shark encounter”, I just had to share this delightful, delicious meal with you.

While eating, I was treated to this constantly changing view of tourists posing with the Chapala sign.

Next, I went down and sat in the sun for a couple of hours and watched the pelicans. After that, I returned to my room for a nap. Me. A nap! A couple of naps, actually, between which I worked up these images.

Now, I think I'd better get to work on that rest I signed up for.

Hasta mañana.


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