Long day. Wifi on bus from Queretaro to Mexico City virtually non-existant. Ditto for my room. So you're getting this from the restaurant where I'm waiting for my Octopus Machitos Tacos.

Ooo, my tacos just came, along with rice and plantanos. Delicious. Now, back to work…

I walked around a bit before heading to the bus and got a couple of street shots like this Mexican Still Life:

And this one I call Encounter:

I waited and waited for the guy to get out of my frame. Fortunately, I kept on shooting while waiting, and got this version that I like much more than the one I finally got with just the manikin!

I only had couple of minutes while waiting for my bus, but managed these two iPhone finger sketches…

Seems like everyone is on some mobile device.

Well, my tacos are all gone, and it's time to head back to my room.

From Ciudad de Mexico, no longer Mexico DF, Hasta mañana.


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