Sixty six years ago, on our way from Arizona to visit my Mom's birthplace in Taos, Mom, my new Step Dad, and I, age nine, stopped for lunch at the Plaza Diner in Santa Fe.

Today, on our way from Albuquerque back to our home in Taos, Thea and I stopped for dinner at, you guessed it, the Plaza Diner. Mine was delicious. So was Thea's in-house made hummus and pita plate. Neither of us could eat it all, so lunch tomorrow is foretold.

The Plaza Diner is Santa Fe's oldest, having been on the Plaza since 1905. They serve Greek, American, and New Mexican dishes, as well as mouth watering desserts to locals and tourists alike.

See you there…


9 thoughts on “PLAZA DINER GYROS

  1. I’ll bet my Mom had the pleasure of eating there in 1916.
    That would be ’bout 100 yrs ago.
    Thank you for these memories.
    You are the best Cuz a guy could have.
    Vaya con Dios Bro John!

    1. Having been born in Taos in ’13 (and the family renting what is now the Kit Carson House&Museum), I’ll bet Deputy E.Lawrence & daughter(Mom) walked over a block… few times in her first five years.
      And I can ‘see & smell’ the bacon back here in Merryland.

  2. What a lucky gal I am, having lived in several western towns with great histories; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Yuma, Santa Fe, Taos. Sorry to have missed living in the fabulous Prescott but great memories of Whisky Row and the Old Pioneers Home and rodeo there! And Sedona in the 50’s and 60’s. Sweet Memories…..😍

  3. Wow, I’ll bet you’re right, although it was a lot harder to travel from Taos down to Santa Fe in those days. In fact, I believe the road was first paved the year before our trip in ’50.

    The Plaza Diner is now on our June list!

    Likewise, Cuzbro. You are the best!

  4. It’s always been a favorite of mine, John, though not the place it was before the fire and the two year long renovation. Their thick cut bacon is some of the best I’ve put a tooth to.

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