Bouganvilla and Chamisa.


3 thoughts on “MORNING LIGHT

  1. How can anything so delicate and sheer as a Bouganvilla blossom be saturated with such intense color?

  2. Your great shot reminds me how much I miss beautiful Bougainvillea back here on the East Coast.
    [Genus Bougainvillea, (named after Louis de Bougainville), plant family Nyctaginaceae.]
    “…an ornamental climbing plant that is widely cultivated in the tropics. The insignificant flowers are surrounded by brightly colored papery bracts that persist on the plant for a long time.”
    jus’ say’n –

  3. The beautiful flowers supporting the bright light of peace, joy, and rest Have really missed your pictures and paintings. Thank you for sending me this. Really love this one.

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