More from behind the scenes at this year's Taos Rodeo.



    1. Hi Lucia, so nice to hear from you. No, actually I did it probably the hard way by using the adjustment sliders in Snapseed. Roughly, this was the procedure. Ambience, saturation, structure, sharpening, repeat s and s, repeat again, glamour glow, structure and sharpening again, then selective to adjust specific areas’ brightness, contrast and saturation.

      I then use healing to clean up the image, add the rounded corner frame, and, finally just a bit if vignetteing to strengthen the frame.

      It would be easier, I suppose to use hdr, but I like to keep open the option of minor tweaks within this flow, allowing a response to the individual needs of each image. For instance, in some images I may go as far as sliding the ambience adjustment 100 % to the right three times if it works for the image!

      Just playing snd having a heck of a lot of fun.

      By the way, you might like to check out my new Instagram feed @johnfarnsworthphotographer.

      Come see us! We miss you!


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