Well, I took quite a few photos today, as I usually do, and I already had something planned for tonight's post.

But when I went into the kitchen this morning to get a drink of water, Thea was preparing lunch for our friends John and Caroline Kulhanek, and Patricia Fooshee.

That's when I spotted this found still life waiting for me on the drainboard. I grabbed a couple of quick shots and jumped back out of the way.

The image was on my mind all day and into the night. It wasn't on my camera roll, though, when I was ready to prepare it for the blog.

I looked where I thought it should be, I looked where I thought it should not be. I looked everywhere. No luck.

I went ahead and processed three or four other images, but I just couldn't get this one out of my mind. I looked everywhere again. Still no luck. Then I remembered that I had been experimenting, before my trip to the kitchen, with a new app called Vivid HDR.

After about an hour of Googling and searching around in the app's help file, I realized that it had been saved inside the app. I tracked it down, saved it to the camera roll, opened it in Snapseed, made a few adjustments and here it is.

For me, it was worth the search!


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