These two new paintings are now available, along with others, at Sorrel Sky Gallery, 125 Palace Ave. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 505.501.6555,, during Indian Market, August 20-21, 2016.

Thea and I hope to see you at the Sorrel Sky Gallery this Friday evening, from 5:00 to7:30, the opening of the all-inclusive show!

WAKAS (Cow Kachina) / Linen / 48 x 72 inches

POLI MANA (Butterfly Maiden) / Oil on Canvas / 48 x 48 inches

Come if you can. Feel free to call, email or text if you would like more information.



5 thoughts on “INDIAN MARKET, SANTA FE

  1. John, these paintings are stunning and the size of them – WOW! You know I would come if I could (sigh)! I wish you a wonderful, successful opening and show!

  2. Primo, These paintings are great. I love Butterfly Woman, especially! Great to see you back working on such a large scale. Don’t think we will see you tomorrow night but will definitely take in the show! Wishing you a successful show!!!!

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