The golden rays of the setting sun wash across the Church of San José de la Gracia in Las Trampas, New Mexico.

On Monday, following dinner in Chimayo, we drove up through Truchas to Las Trampas on the high road from Santa Fe to Taos. When we arrived, clouds blocked the sun, but after a few minutes' wait, the sun broke through, briefly, before dropping below the mountains to the west, and turned mud into gold.


3 thoughts on “CHURCH AT TRAMPAS

  1. Beeeutiful!! It was worth the wait. It was fun to watch as you
    Jogged around finding all the best views. I have a feeling you have lots of great shots from this lucky few minutes.

  2. This is a great shot! It looks as if the adobe is melting. The contrast between the warm sun on the church and the cool blue and grey of the sky is beautiful. And the light highlights the carving on the doors – something I hadn’t noticed before. I’d like to see others from this group, too. Would it work in black and white?

  3. It could be melting due to the clouds that have too much metal and gases in them and the strong winds.
    You are an expert. I could spend hours trying to get a picture like this. It is really beautiful.

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