iPhone / Street Photography / Travel

A terrific combination!

JPEG image-901716029B5D-1.jpeg

Why the iPhone (or Android)?


It’s in your pocket. Or better, yet, it’s in your hand. All the time! Everywhere! When you need it!

  • It’s light-weight, small and unobtrusive! I even carry a spare!

  • It’s capable! It can’t do everything, true. But what you can do with it is amazing!

  • It’s challenging. Be creative. Take advantage of its constraints. Or work around them.

  • It’s a portable darkroom. Dodge, burn, crop, spot, enhance, and so much more. All in the palm of your hand.

  • It will lighten your load. Take along books and magazines, guide books, manuals, magazines, a typewriter, computer, music, translator, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, mail, contacts, reviews, even your portfolio, Without adding an additional ounce to your kit.

  • It’s just plain fun! Put the delight and the creativity back in your shooting!

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