I can hardly believe it’s been four months since I Last posted on this, my “daily blog”.

If you are still subscribed, we should be able to pick up where we left off. If you are a new or returning visitor, please subscribe now.

I plan on posting, at least, a photo every day for you to enjoy with your morning coffee.

Like this one that first appeared on my Instagram feed in monochrome. Here, you can see it larger and in full color:


I shot this on my iPhone and cropped and adjusted it in Snapseed on my iPad Pro.

In addition to a daily photograph, here are some of the other things I hope to feature in future posts:

Discussions about

  • Travel
  • Traveling light
  • Workflow
  • Street photography
  • Image editing
  • Photography in general
  • My experiences as a painter and a photographer
  • Gear
  • Apps
  • Workshop and tour notices
  • Video clips
  • Introductions to other photographers

I may also include an occasional interview with other photographers.

Here we go…

6 thoughts on “A Note from La Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Finely back on line. Love your comments. The paintings you did and pictures you take are very interesting. Hope you can keep taking them. Have really enjoyed everything you have done and what you are doing now.

    Love you,
    Aunt Doris

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