HOUSE ON THE MORA ROAD Daily Painting #599

HOUSE ON THE MORA ROAD / 6 x 6 Inches / Oil on Panel / ©John Farnsworth

HOUSE ON THE MORA ROAD / 6 x 6 Inches / Oil on Panel / ©John Farnsworth

On Saturday’s drive from Las Vegas, New Mexico, to Taos, I spotted this little derelict house nestled in a bend in the road. I wonder, was it built there before, or after the road passed by so close? Probably, when it was built, the road was simply a dirt lane, and much less imposing. Even though I was exhausted, and my eyes felt like they’d been sandpapered by all the dust at the branding earlier in the day, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive. There are many interesting structures along the way, and many interesting compositions begging to be recorded.

It snowed here today, and more is forecast for tonight. I’m ready to get to warmer climes, and hope to get some good images on my way tomorrow, if the snow lasts a while. The snow is beautiful, but the cold and wind are not so wonderful.

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