These two new paintings are now available, along with others, at Sorrel Sky Gallery, 125 Palace Ave. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 505.501.6555,, during Indian Market, August 20-21, 2016.

Thea and I hope to see you at the Sorrel Sky Gallery this Friday evening, from 5:00 to7:30, the opening of the all-inclusive show!

WAKAS (Cow Kachina) / Linen / 48 x 72 inches

POLI MANA (Butterfly Maiden) / Oil on Canvas / 48 x 48 inches

Come if you can. Feel free to call, email or text if you would like more information.




Today is a big day for me. I just turned seventy five, and I'm having an opening at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hope you can be there; I can't, because as you probably know, I'm traveling in Mexico at the moment. My lovely wife, Thea will be there for the opening reception, though, and that's even better.

Catalogs of the more than fifty pieces in the show are available through the gallery, or by contacting Thea at:

From Mexico, hasta luego.