TOP DRAWER Daily Painting #814


Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches

While I'm in Los Angeles, I decided to drop by Ben and Jennifer McChristian's Monday night life drawing session. I was there back in April or May, before returning to Taos for the summer. That was my first time in many years attending a life drawing. I was right the first time. It's just not my thing. Those classic art class poses just seem too contrived. I prefer more candid, every day poses. People doing the things people do. So I drew for a while, and that was fun, but I had determined that I would do tonight's daily painting there.

Hmmmm, none of the poses were getting me interested. Then it dawned on me that I was really more interested in my fellow artists than in the model. This young guy, especially, got my attention because of his intensity. I never got around to his corner of the studio to see the results of his efforts, but I can promise you he was putting his heart into them.

My apologies to the model. She did a fine job. I did get a couple of good drawings, and she was doing exactly what was expected of her. It just doesn't turn my crank.

I had a good day, earlier, photographing at the zoo. I like photographing the animals and birds at zoos wherever I go. I was reminded, though, just how out of shape I've become. I was pretty well worn out after just a few hours of walking up and down the undulating hills that the L A Zoo is built on. I hope I got some good shots. I did get one, I'm sure, and will post it on When A Painter Snaps.

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