Andalusian Shepherd


On the road to Ronda, Spain, 2002.

Continuing the series of candid portraits, this one a road, rather than a street photo, was shot using a Sony Cybershot camera, processed on an iPad Air 2, with the Snapseed app.

French Wine Merchant

IMG_9837 2.JPG

Another candid Street Portrait, this time of a young man selling wine at an open air market in Eymet, France. Shot with a bridge camera, the Panasonic Lumix FZ28 while teaching a workshop there.

Look Into My Eyes

LOOK-INTO-MY-EYES-JPEG image-90BFC6149CA9-1.jpeg

A lively conversation on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

In Your Face


Vieille Ville (Old Town), Nice, France

Street dogs, like this handsome fellow, are an important part of my street photography.


Palomitas-JPEG image-33FF878D952A-1.jpeg

Palomitas (Popcorn), Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City


I love taking photographs of just about anything.
But I especially love Street Photography.
I love people watching.

I love recording the life around me, wherever I am; city, town, village, or countryside; wandering the streets, roads,or alleyways, parks and beaches of a place foreign or familiar, new to me or old, outdoors or in.

The human condition. That’s what interests me, captivates me, insists that I capture it, record it, share it. People being people. In their native habitat, candid, unposed, real. Being themselves. Happy, sad, working, playing, talking, relating, smiling, laughing, crying, staring into space or the past or the future. Or the eyes of a loved one, or a pet. Just being.

I love thinking about them. Who they are, where they’ve been, where they’re going, what they’re planning, or doing. I love causing others to wonder the same.

That, to me, is Street Photography.


This one is from the archives. I thought it deserved another chance to be seen, so here it is

See you tomorrow…




This is what I saw when I took my street photography inside a Mexico City market, El Mercado San Juan de Pugibet in Mexico City. I went there for tapas in the famed San Juan Tapas, which is only half the size it was on my last visit in April of 2015; but the tapas were still great. I'm not sure, but I believe the change is related to their having opened another location in the city.

Hasta mañana.




How times have changed!

Hasta mañana.



After all that color, it seems a bit of behind the scenes black and white is in order.

Hasta mañana.



MEDITERRANEAN / Camera Unknown / ACDSee / Snapseed

I just felt like a change of pace and went trolling through some of my older shots from Nice, France, where I love to go street shooting and people watching. I found this one, made a few minor adjustments and stripped out the color. This was shot from the Promenade des Anglais.

Hasta Mañana.