CRANKY CAMEL / Daily Painting #1146

Pen and Ink / Watercolor / 6 x 9 inches

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I'm having a great time with these, and apparently so are many of you.

This Bactrian (two humped, as opposed to the single humped Dromedary) Camel in the Mexico City Zoo had an expression that varied from haughty to cranky, to bored. Bactrians don't spit, contrary to popular opinion. However, I will never forget one time at the San Diego Zoo, many years ago, when I was admiring one up close. He sneezed and drenched me in green hay-slobber! But I forgave him. And the experience did nothing to lessen my admiration of these exotic creatures.

I was disappointed to discover that I had missed this year's Camel Fair in India. That is, until I came across this blog by Kishor Kishnamoorthi showing the current popularity of the event among photographers. It reminded me of the crowd at Bosque del Apache, that seems almost to outnumber the birds.

I thought, “We'll, I'm too late for the Fair; the word is out! ” But, then I Googled “Camel Fair Images” and, when I saw what was there, decided to put it back on my calendar for 2014.

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