Watercolor Demo No. 2 / Detail

OK, I’m flummoxed! Here’s what happened last night. I spent hours putting together a video watercolor demo. When I attempted to post it to YouTube, I was informed that I didn’t have enough storage on my iPad.

No problem, I thought. I could delete a few images and regain enough space. I deleted what I thought was enough, but no, I still didn’t have enough space. I deleted more. Same result. More. Same. So I deleted some expendable videos.

Woops! One of the videos I deleted turned out to be the core of the video I had just edited!

No problem, right? Wrong. The deleted photos and videos do go into a recently devoted folder, where they remain for thirty days. Unless, as I had done, they are deleted from that location in order to regain the space they’ve been taking up. Gone. For good. Permanently!

This morning, I tracked the footage down on my iPhone, where it was first recorded, and after a few mis-tries, transferred it to my iPad Air, and rebuilt the video. Of course I had to re-edit the footage, as well.

But guess what? Still not enough storage.

Alright, I fumbled and bumbled around for most of the day, and finally figured out that I could open the Dropbox folder on my iPad Air, (after wading through out of date site after out of date site on Google) and go to Carousel (who knew?) and backup all the images on my iPad Air to Dropbox, then delete them from my iPad, freeing up tons of space. Right?

So I start the process, and am informed that the backup has begun. There are 11774 files “left”. OK, I will wait, patiently, until the backup is done.

Then the notification changes. Repeatedly. It’s currently at 12,154 left!!! What’s going on here?

When will I get my iPad back? When will I be able to post my video? I guess the answers will present themselves at some time in the future.

Meanwhile, I’m writing this post on my older iPad Retina, my backup machine.

And now I’ve transferred it to my iPad Air, where I’ve added the detail above; just a peek at the subject of the watercolor demo that I hope to be able to share with you tomorrow, after I figure out how to regain the storage space I need without, I hope, losing any images.

Stay tuned, and wish me luck.