I drove Thea in to work this morning, and when I got ready to leave, I saw this scene coming up. There was no time to roll my window down, so I shot it through my dirty car window.

I went back into the gallery and cropped and tweaked the image on my iPhone, using Snapseed and FrontView.

When I got home, I cleaned up the dirty window effects, again using Snapseed, this time on my iPad.

Street photography is fun!, whether traveling or at home.



When I saw these two girls standing, tired from shopping, in front of this wall, I knew I had an idea for a mini-theme, images in color, with black and white elements.

Then I remembered this shot from earlier,

I went looking through my recent street photography from here in Guadalajara and found a few more that could fit the into the series.

Again with the gowns. I happened to walk through the neighborhood where gowns are sold. Who could resist?

Lupita's Cantina, just down the street from my hotel, seems to have beeten me to the punch with this take on the famous Frida…

Then there's my favorite. The one I almost missed. So much color, and yet such extreme black and white!

I hope you enjoyed these. I will be looking for more.

Hasta mañana!



Here, quickly, because it's late, and I'm getting tired, a small sample of the colors I encountered today on my walk around Guadalajara Centro and el Mercado Libertad, or San Juan de Dios Market, the largest indoor market in Latin America:

Not enough color? Look again at that sky!

I'm almost not sure which I like best, the colors, or the mystery.

¡Ponle color a tu mesa! Put some color on your table! Sounds like good advice.

And, while we're on the subject of color, check out these gowns…

One More, just for fun…

Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling masks. Wow, that one in the middle is really scary, ¿que no?

Everthing here was shot on my iPhone 6s Plus, and processed using Snapseed. A couple of the images were straightened with FrontView, and one was created using Juxtaposer.

OK, that's it for now. Right now, as I write this, it's still Friday, but it's almost midnite,so I've decided to wait and post it tomorrow morning, so it will have a better chance of being seen.

Hasta mañana.



PACKING, UNPACKING, REPACKING / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

What a day. First, I decided my old standby wheeled backpack was just heavier than it nneded to be. So I started by eliminating things that I had been dragging around, yet never, or seldom using..

Out went the tripod. Ditto the monopod. Next the painting gear and supplies. I'm headed out on a photo shoot, not a painting trip. Besides, the last time I lugged around all my painting stuff, I ended uo painting with my finger on the iPad, anyway. Right down to things like shampoo, mouthwash, and toothpaste, that I could buy shortly after landing.

I was tired of dragging my roller bag behind me. Last time I was in Spain, I bought a four-wheeler. Much better for strolling through airports! But it was larger, so , of course, I filled it full of even more unneeded stuff. And lugging either bag up and down stairs was getting to be a pain in the – neck, and back and feet and other parts of this, harumph, mid to late middle aged body

Besides, I like to think of myself as some sort of minimalist. i do paint with only my (Un)Limited palette, after all, and much prefer my iPad over computers and laptops, my iPhone over more “serious” cameras. One other thing. You just can't access all those super important items in your backpack without wrestling it off and back on again. So, I came up with this idea:

Two cross body bags, sort of like panniers on a Grand Canyon mule. Hey, who said “jackass”?

Well, anyway, I got from around twenty plus pounds down to eleven. I strapped them on, Thea took the photos, and I walked from one end of the house to the other. (We live in a very long, narrow, typical northern New Mexico adobe farm house.) Oof! Eleven pounds on my shoulders turned out to be considerably heavier than twenty on wheels. I still liked the accessibility factor, though, and thought maybe I could still do better. And I did. Got it all down to seven and a half pounds. Much better.

I'm going to sleep on it, now, and see if I have any new ideas come morning. If I have time tomorrow, I'll show you what I've ended up with and give you a more detailed look at what's involved.

Hasta mañana.



GERANIUM AT NIGHT / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed / FrontView

One of the very first things I did when I first moved to New Mexico, was to go out and buy a Geranium. I would have liked to say this is a direct descendant of that original plant, but, alas, cold winters have taken their toll.

Thea has kept the tradition alive, though, and this is the latest in our kitchen window geranium accents.

The catalog proof for the March exhibition at Sorrel Sky has been ordered. We hope to have it available early next month.

Hasta mañana.



COFFEE TABLE AND BRUSHES / iPad Air 2 / Leonardo / FrontView / Snapseed

Playing around with my iPad Air 2, I came up with this somewhat different view of one of my favorite subjects. These brushes are what's left of many recovered from a train wreck on the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe, west of Flagstaff, Arizona, back in the late sixties. I guess I'm going to have to get busy if I ever want to use them all up.



SLOW NIGHT IN MEXICO CITY / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / FrontView

Late again. Missed that old midnight deadline. Came home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends at our daughter Kimberley's and got caught up in a project that I had started earlier in the day. Didn't realize how late it was getting until suddenly it was four minutes to pumpkin. Oh, well! I guess it won't hurt anything if two of my posts show the same date.

Late, too with my wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I leave you with a favorite quote that I find appropriate not just for this one day, but for all days:

Let there still be, to the last, gratitude, unbounded, heatfelt gratitude, for having been granted a spell in this world of wonders.

J.M. Coetzee / Age of Iron

Hasta mañana.