Continuing our visits to the archives of When a Painter Snaps, with a selection from March, 2012:

HOME IS WHERE I HANG MY HAT / iPhone 4 / PhotoToaster

This seemed a fitting image for today, as I'm busy packing for my trip to Mexico on Monday. I'm heading off to photograph the International Charro Championships in Puerto Vallarta. After that I will roam around, visiting some of my old haunts from years past. You're invited to come along. Lots of last minute things to do, then we're scheduled to fly out of Albuquerque early Monday morn. I've really never had much luck doing a running commentary when traveling, but hope to manage it this trip. Wish me luck, and buckle up.

Hasta mañana.



Another from the When a Painter Snaps archives. This image also appears in my forthcoming book, CAR PARTS. Watch for it.

CAR SHOW SELF PORTRAIT / iPhone 4 / PhotoForge2

When photographing car shows, it's really hard to keep myself out of the image. So sometimes I just go ahead and make the most of it. Or maybe I'm really a raving narcissist. Whatcha think?.

Hasta mañana.