On a hot afternoon in Merida, Mexico, carriage drivers take a nap while waiting for the evening’s business to pick up.


JPEG image-BCB4FE4E23D1-1 2.jpeg

Sandias ((Watermelons) / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

This is not a good photograph. I know that. But I like looking at it. Besides, I’m trying to make a point, here.

No one needs to see all those images you’ve taken just because “film” is essentially free, now, in this digital age.

But you don’t need to dump them all either. You may go through a bunch today and find a gem, something that you can really make something of.

Months later you might go through the same batch and find something totally different but as good or maybe even better.

Anyway, they all have the potential to stir your own memories, your emotions, and thereby add to the soup that is your creativity.

That’s the case with this one. I shot it with my iPhone through a dirty bus window on my way from Merida to Valladolid on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The bus was moving, I had only a split second to grab a shot. No time to mess with settings. No time to think. I just shot it. I’m glad I did.

I’m also happy that I didn’t delete it. Instead, I cleaned it up the best I could, cropped it and tweaked it a bit in Snapseed and allowed my eye and my mind to wander around in it. I remembered the refreshing taste of a cool crisp watermelon on a hot day. I wondered about the people in the image and about their day, their lives. I spotted the bicycle lying on the ground and was reminded of my beloved boyhood bike from so many years ago. I wondered about the person casting a shadow in the left foreground

It takes me back. Back to a time and a place and feelings that might otherwise have slipped away.

No, it’s not a “good” photograph, but I’m glad I have it. I hope you can see past its faults and derive some little pleasure from it, too.




Shot this in Trampas on the way back from the dentist in Embudo, after the light left the church in shadow, and my battery died, with Thea's phone.




LEAVING TOWN / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

I grabbed this shot of the Taos Tipis as I drove past on the way out of town this morning, on my way to Mexico.

We went to Santa Fe, where we met Cousin Ann Lawrence for lunch at the La Fonda hotel. Thea got a shot of me sitting in my “office” in the lobby, engaging in one of my favorite pastimes, people watching:

IPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

After lunch we drove out to Ann's for a rest, and I got this view from the living room…

IPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

Later, we drove in to town to meet Cousin Jerry Ryan for dinner, followed by a movie. Right now, we're sitting in Denny's so I can get this post off to you. In a minute, we're heading out toAnn's for the night.

Gotta go now, before I drink any more coffee.

Hasta mañana.



TORN BUILDING / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2

I shot this from the taxi at the corner of Calle Cedro and Paseo de la Reforma, on last April Fool's Day, on my way to the American Express office in Mexico City to book a flight. That's all the caption you get. Take a moment, though, look it over, and see what story the photo tells you. What are you seeing? What all are you seeing? What might it all mean?

As you can see, I'm having a hard time getting away from PhotoForge 2. One heck of an app. Too bad Yahoo killed it.

Sorry, but the book news will have to wait until tomorrow, or even until after the weekend. We'll see. This is a busy time for us, and I'll bet it is for you, too.

Hasta mañana.



SOME STILL PREFER PRINT / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

Taking Street Photography into the airport in Mexico City, last April.

I used to like waiting rooms because they were a chance to catch up on some magazine reading. Not so much these days. I'm usually too busy with my iPhone; either finger sketching or photographing the people around me. I'm not sure which I prefer. I enjoy both, depending on the subject mainly.

When there is an interesting story, likely to change soon, and there is not enough time to draw, I will use the camera.

If there's not much going on, just interesting faces or gestures, I like to sketch.

Either way one of my favorite pastimes, people watching, is greatly enhanced. As are my memories of a time or place. Besides, I get to share my what I've seen with you.

I hope to have some news tomorrow regarding my books.

Hasta mañana.



MUD AND STEEL / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

Street photography? Still life? Travel? I'm not quite sure what to call this photographic study in composition, color and contrast. I like the story it tells, a story of the humble, enduring, resistant adobe pueblo of Taos, and the modern, technologically advanced bicycle.

No word from Blurb, yet, regarding my missing Kachina books. Maybe tomorrow. I made some good progress today on my other book projects, though, and got some good painting time in, as well.

Hasta mañana.



BRUSH BOUQUET / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

As I was having breakfast yesterday, I glanced from the kitchen into the living room. The morning sun was streaming through the window, lighting up my collection of brushes. I decided it was time to try my new iPhone 6s Plus camera. A couple of quick adjustments, a little playing with the sliders, and this was the result.

Now, back to my research project…

Hasta mañana.





KITCHEN WINDOW / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed / Juxtaposer

For a change of pace from all that Mexico street photography, here's something closer to home. The view from our kitchen window, with chili peppers.

A quick bit of adjusting in Snapseed, followed with the Juxtaposer app to drop some sky into the window.

Finally finished with all that transfer business. Whew! IPhones all up to date and working fine. Now to wrap up the book publishing research and get back to book building and painting.

Hasta mañana.




TAKEN WITH iPHONE / iPhone 6+ Snapseed

As I was jaywalking across Avenida Juarez from the Alameda in Mexico City on the way to my hotel, I spotted this Tomada con iPhone 6 image on the back of a bus shelter. A pedestrian, walking down the bus lane was just the human element I needed to make this interesting street shot.

Backing up, transferring, synchronizing and checking data on all the phones mentioned yesterday has been eating my lunch all day today, and, in fact, I'm still working on it. So I'd better get back to it.

Hasta mañana.