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iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge2

The time has come for some changes.

As you have probably noticed, I am no longer doing the daily paintings. I stopped for a short while to catch my breath and to think about all the other things I wanted to do. Things like larger paintings, more photography, more drawing and sketching, video and writing, tutorials and demonstrations, etc.

That short while has become a rather long while. Posts have become irregular in theIr timing. Other matters have crept in and taken over my time since letting go of the discipline of daily painting and posting.

I am working toward a goal of combining all these other interests with a return to that sense of discipline.

First of all, I am going to begin by posting something every day. Even if it’s just a sketch or a thought.

Somedays, as has been the pattern lately, I will do a longer post, a post about my travels, or a larger project I’m working on, or… who knows what?

I’m also thinking of breaking this blog into six or seven individual blogs, one for painting, one for watercolors, another for drawings. Others might be for sketches, photographs, or travel.

This would make it possible to sign up for just the ones that appeal to you. Posts would not come as often, unless you chose to sign up for all of them, but I would still be comitted to creatIng a daily post, spread over multiple blogs.

I hope that makes sense to you. I’m trying to get my head around the concept as I type.

What do you think? What would you like more of?

I welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions.




There I was in Mexico City, having a great time on my way back to the Palacio De Bellas Artes for the Cartier-Bresson exhibition.

When I got there, I was surprised to be allowed to photograph inside the show. I spent hours there, pouring over some three hundred of the works of this master of street photography who was also a leader in photo journalism. And a film maker. Altogether a thrilling, satisfying and educational showing.

An added pleasure was seeing a large and diverse crowd so deeply involved.

Afterward, I had strolled through Chinatown

and the Plaza San Juan, with its brightly colored playground filled with laughing, squealing children, it’s splashing, overflowing fountain,

Past the locksmith, a real Peter O’Toole look-alike,

And on to El Mercado de San Juan de Pugibet.

(To be continued)








i don't know why, but by the time I finished dinner this evening, I was exhausted. It was pretty hot today, but that's what I'm here for, right? I sat down in the lobby to work up some sketches for tonight's post, but could hardly keep my eyes open. So I dragged my weary self up the two flights of stairs to my room, only to remember I had left my new bottle of water in the lobby. So back down I went and up again.

I decided to get ready for bed, then see what I could come up with for the post. As soon as I looked in the mirror, I knew I had my answer…

MERIDA SELFIE / iPhone 6 Plus / PhotoForge 2

That's it for now. Tomorrow can only get better.






iPhone 6 Plus / Process / PhotoForge 2

Evening in the Plaza de la Independencia, Madrid, Mexico

iPhone 6 Plus / Process / PhotoForge 2

I can't take all the credit for these two shots. Apperently, I had somehow managed to bump something on my iPhone, bringing in an included filter called Process. Messed up a lot of shots, but made these interesting, though too cold. I warmed them up a bit in PhotoForge 2, and cropped them. Added just a little vignette, and here they are.

These sellers of embroidered goods ply the streets and plazas day and night. This young girl is the most beautiful I've seen.

Time for dinner. Hasta Mañana.