It's about time for me to start sharing responses to my recent post, Let's Have Some Fun!. So, here we go with the first:

Dear John,

What a wonderful idea. I am more than happy to participate!

Many years have passed since I bought my first Farnsworth painting. In the meantime I am the proud owner of 14 Farnsworth paintings. I have attached my favorite painting(s) in a photo showing my beloved Cody in three different paintings. As you can see, even Loni, my cat, looks at the painting with adoration! She has good taste, hasn’t she;-)? I have just answered the third question by naming the Cody painting as my favorite although it is not easy to name a favorite. All of my Farnsworth paintings are unique and beautiful and are very dear to me.

1. How I came to own it: Having seen how beautifully you paint animals, I decided that I would want a painting of Cody (my very first painting I bought was Pinta). I was then presented with three paintings, all slightly different. It was impossible to decide which one so I chose all three. All good things come in threes, as they sayJ.

2. What I get out of it: A lot of joy every day when I look at it and, since Cody unfortunately crossed the Rainbow Bridge almost two years ago, innumerable, unforgettable memories of fourteen years shared with a wonderful companion.

Love to you and Thea,


Thanks Lucia!

I'll be posting others at random times in the future. If you haven't sent yours in, yet, now is as good a time as any. We would love to hear from you.


Hasta mañana.