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DETAIL ~ TAOS PUEBLO / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

This is a shot from a recent visit to Taos Pueblo with my cousin, photographer Larry Mangino. I do love those mud and straw walls.

No news yet on Car Parts. Soon, though, plus more about The Life of a Photograph.

Racing the clock, again.

Hasta mañana.



RIGHT LIGHT / iPhone 6+

Thea's garden is not nearly as pretty today as it was at the beginning of November. But with the right light, it is golden! This is just as it came from my iPhone camera, with no enhancements at all, aside from that provided by a setting sun.

This is how it looked a month or so ago.

Proofs of my book Car Parts arrived this evening. As soon as I take care of a couple of minor tweaks, it should be ready for sale. I will let you know.

Hasta mañana.



THE WAITING ROOM LESSON / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

Black and white is more commomly used than color in street photography. When, as in this image, color is relatively unimportant, I prefer the monochrome. At other times, color carries or occasinally, is the story.

I feel that this tender and poignant moment is well served by black and white.

Big announcement coming tomorrow. I hope.

Hasta mañana.



FIRST HAIRCUT / iPhone 6+ / PhotoForge 2

Street photography. People watching. Light and color. Walking the streets, whether near home or while traveling. These are things I truly enjoy. Capturing candid moments, human interactions, being aware, attuned, ready.

Later, at home, or back in my room, to relive those moments, enhance the images, share them; this I also enjoy.

On the streets of Valladolid, Mexico, a fraction of a second. On my iPad, a chance to slow down, savor, develop, improve. Published here, shared with the world, with you.

Time for you, I hope, to pause for a moment. Look, really look. Complete the story in your own mind. To comment and share your thoughts, here and with your friends. On Facebook, Twitter, by email or sms.

Hasta mañana.


iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge2

The time has come for some changes.

As you have probably noticed, I am no longer doing the daily paintings. I stopped for a short while to catch my breath and to think about all the other things I wanted to do. Things like larger paintings, more photography, more drawing and sketching, video and writing, tutorials and demonstrations, etc.

That short while has become a rather long while. Posts have become irregular in theIr timing. Other matters have crept in and taken over my time since letting go of the discipline of daily painting and posting.

I am working toward a goal of combining all these other interests with a return to that sense of discipline.

First of all, I am going to begin by posting something every day. Even if it’s just a sketch or a thought.

Somedays, as has been the pattern lately, I will do a longer post, a post about my travels, or a larger project I’m working on, or… who knows what?

I’m also thinking of breaking this blog into six or seven individual blogs, one for painting, one for watercolors, another for drawings. Others might be for sketches, photographs, or travel.

This would make it possible to sign up for just the ones that appeal to you. Posts would not come as often, unless you chose to sign up for all of them, but I would still be comitted to creatIng a daily post, spread over multiple blogs.

I hope that makes sense to you. I’m trying to get my head around the concept as I type.

What do you think? What would you like more of?

I welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions.