Following breakfast on the portal, I looked down and noticed this interesting graphic possibility. I think it could serve well as a book cover or greeting card image with the lower right area a natural location for a title and/or other text.

I also like the contrast between the delicate flowers and the cracked concrete.



Number three in this mini-series of photographs is a black and white version of the first image. In this one, the tiny bird atop the cross on the left bell tower is more obvious due to the shifting of the clouds.



I took a drive through the neighborhood recently and came across this found still life. I don't know the story behind it, but I'll bet you can make up a good one.




The Cathedral in Morelia as seen by my iPhone 6s Plus,

And after a bit of tweaking in Snapseed.

Today, I'm in San Miguel de Allende and back to shooting people.

On the way through Celaya, I caught this image from the bus window, but missed several others as we passed quickly through a warehouse district…

At breakfast this morning, I was treated to this display of wild, exhuberant fashion…

Followed by an hour or so at the Jardin, people watching…

The balloon man, who never moved from his spot,

And one satisfied customer.

A Drummer on his way to work,

And a young couple out for a stroll.

I had so much fun watching kids chase pigeons that I forgot to take any pictures of them. Maybe tomorrow.

Now it's time to get ready for dinner with dear old Taos friends, now living in San Miguel, Kay and Charles.

More to come, too, about a great new Airbnb find in SMA.

Hasta mañana.