These two new paintings are now available, along with others, at Sorrel Sky Gallery, 125 Palace Ave. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 505.501.6555,, during Indian Market, August 20-21, 2016.

Thea and I hope to see you at the Sorrel Sky Gallery this Friday evening, from 5:00 to7:30, the opening of the all-inclusive show!

WAKAS (Cow Kachina) / Linen / 48 x 72 inches

POLI MANA (Butterfly Maiden) / Oil on Canvas / 48 x 48 inches

Come if you can. Feel free to call, email or text if you would like more information.




I am honored to be included in the interviews for this book on traveling with carry-on only. Erin has done a bang-up job of putting together advice, information and tested-in-the-field examples of ways to travel without unnecessary baggage. Whether a solo travel senior like myself, or a family with kids, this book will help you rethink the way you travel.

In fact, while I had long thought of myself as a light packer, being interviewed here and reading this book has resulted in my paring down to just what I need for a week's travel. Wash and repeat, and go indefinitely.

Thanks, Erin, for including me, and for helping me see all the ways I could improve my traveling experience.

THE CARRY-ON TRAVELER is available here:–Traveller-Ultimate-Guide-Packing-ebook/dp/B01DIKLD22/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460589534&sr=8-1&keywords=Mcneaney

Also, you should check out Erin's blog, the for lots more insight into the life of a couple of digital nomads who've been packing lighter and lighter for six years.

It's only available on Kindle, but you may download the free Kindle app, and read it on any device you might have.

Oh, about yesterday's image. That's the local alterations man making the bag mentioned in my interview ready for a longer adjustable cross body strap. More on that later, including lessons learned on my most recent travels in Mexico.

Pack light and I hope to see you on the road!




Finally, here's the FREE pdf version of THE LIFE OF A PHOTOGRAPH for all of you who don't have iPads, iPhones, or iPods, so you can read it on your PCs and MACs. Linux machines, too, as far as I know. Just click here and enjoy.

I've tested thoroughly, but would really appreciate your telling me if you encounter any problems at all. Of course, I would also like to hear your thoughts about my book.

iOS users can still access the iBooks Store to read it in iBooks. There have been some changes and improvements made since that first version was uploaded. I will attempt to update it tomorrow.

More good news: I didn't have to jump off the curb!

Hasta mañana.



Here is my newest book! It's almost finished.

It's a book of iPhone photographs taken at car shows.

Rich colors, abstract shapes, flowing forms and random detail invite the eye to linger, the mind to wander, to reminisce.

Chrome, steel, paint, and even wood combined, tell of the time and the love invested in bringing new life to these treasures from our past.

I made several changes today, adding a couple of images, resizing and rearranging them adding covers for the different versions. It will come in a choice of hard cover, soft cover, ebook and pdf formats.

In a few days, I will receive the final printed proof, make any necessary adjustments and corrections, send it off to the publisher and, just maybe, it will be available in time for gift giving this holiday season.

I have some other projects that I have been working on, as well, and I'll be letting you know more about them in the next few days.

There may even be a little something in your stocking soon.

Hasta mañana.








I ran across this photo while working through some of my archives. Unfortunately, the metadata was missing so I don't remember what camera was used. Still, I felt it would be a fun image to share.

I've been busy with multiple projects, visitors, and just the normal hectic demands this time of year always brings. I have been terribly lax, lately, in keeping this blog up to date and hope to do better in days to come. As strange as it seems, doing a daily blog is much easier for me than doing occasional posts. Deciding what kind of post to do is another thing that feeds my natural tendencies to procrastination and lack of focus.

My book, KACHINAS, volume one, or at least the final hard proof, is somewhere on its way here, and due sometime between now and the end of next week. If all is well, it should be available for purchase by the end of the month!

I redesigned the cover, using a painting, rather than a photograph for the background, and changed the background on inside pages to a painting, as well. I also changed the typeface and tweaked the composition. I was pretty happy with the first version. It's really exciting to hold your first book in your hands.

But, as time went on, I realized there were things that just didn't work the way I had hoped. So it was time to fix all those issues in an attempt to make a book to be proud of.

That said, I've started working on another Kachina book. Not volume two of KACHINAS, but a totally different sort of book, altogether. More on that coming soon.

How often would you like to see new posts, and what would you most like to see? More words, fewer words. Paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, stories, or a mix?

Do you know how to share these posts on Facebook?




OK, here’s the deal. I’ve been talking for years about making a book. Heck, I’ve been talking for years about making a whole series of books.*

BACKGROUND (June, 2015)

Because I have a group of Kachina paintings showing at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe during August, and because that is the time when Indian Market brings people to town who are interested in such things, I decided this would be a good time to do a book of Kachina paintings. I have a ton of daily paintings from my blog, and that seemed like a good place to start. So I started. Thought I could whip one out in a day or two. Wrong.


I’ve been sweating bullets for a couple of weeks, now. Maybe three. Four? First, I had to get all the images rounded up off the blog. Then I had to resize them. Tweak a few. Then, I had to find the best way to build the book. Blurb looked like my best bet. I liked the pricing, and the many ways of distributing the book. Blurb, Amazon, Kindle, e-books as part of the deal. Sold.

Clicked on download Bookwright, the software for building a Blurb book. Sorry, not available on mobile devices. Not available on iPad? I just, finally, got myself totally weaned from computers and able to do everything on my iPad. Well, not everything, apparently.

So I went out and bought a Macbook Pro laptop, after a ton of research. Seemed like the best idea. Almost. Trouble is, I had a devil of a time dealing with the small screen. I know, it was larger than the screen on my iPad. But the type darn sure wasn’t. After almost two weeks of squinting, and just before the deadline, I returned it to Best Buy, and bought a 27″ iMac. That’s more like it. Also, it will make video editing easier. But I’m going to have to turn out a lot of books and videos to pay for the thing.


Anyway, there went a couple more days spent learning how to use a Mac after all these years on a PC. I’m coming around. I’ve had so many problems with PCs lately, and Windows 8? Don’t ask. I’m finally getting comfortable with the Mac; doubt I’ll ever go back to PC land. But I still prefer working on my iPad. This hurts, but I will have to admit, iPad and Mac are a winning combination at home, and iPad alone when traveling. The only time I might need a Macbook Pro again, is if I do extended travel, say, for instance, renting an apartment in Montevideo or Seville for three months and need to do some heavy lifting. We’ll see how that goes.


Now, back to the book building. Got the computer, got Bookwright. Started in. Oops, learning curve. Not bad, but another couple of days gone. Lovin’ the learnin’, but time’s a wastin’. I want to get a book out. Then, on July 25, I get an email from Blurb. 20% discount on orders of 20 or more. Deadline July 28, 11:59 pm. OK, pour on the steam! Beat the deadline! Bleary eyed, middle of the night, five minutes to go, just finished carefully and thoroughly proofing one more time. Looks good. Hit upload. Window pops up, says book should be in multiples of four pages, or they will add two blank pages to back of book. Well, I already had two blank pages I’d forgotten to remove. Some proofing, eh? So I added a short suggested reading list I had wanted to include but thought I didn’t have enough time. Hit upload again. Same message. What? Oh, of course, I had added the list, but still had the same number of pages. Dummy! Looked at the time. Turned into a pumpkin. Oh, well. Probably best I re-proof, take some time to think, and maybe even wait for the next discount offer.


Added two more pages of Kachinas. Took a couple of days off to give a talk at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Sent first draft to Rosa for proofing. She did a much better job than I had done, by the way. Fixed problems. Made several other changes that I’d had time to consider. Back to Rosa. Fixed problems. Went back through and checked and fixed all image resolutions, other technical bits and pieces


Indian Market has come and gone. So I’m a day late and a dollar short, but, finally, here’s the


I have now created a book. It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big book. Six by nine inches, thirty eight pages. Twenty Four Kachina paintings. A few words. But it’s mine, and it’s done. The ice is broken, and I now know how to do it again. I don’t know about you, but I’m THRILLED!

Now that I have a hard copy in my hands, I will go through it one more time, make any necessary fixes, and publish it to Blurb Books, Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and anywhere else I can. I will also make an eBook version available.


Which of the book ideas listed below would you most like to see? Which one would you like to see first?

* Here are a few of my book ideas:


Kachina paintings
  • Oil
  • Watercolor
  • Ink and Watercolor
Horse paintings
Landscape paintings
Gaucho paintings
Gaucho photographs
Charro paintings
Charro photographs
Faces of Saints paintings
Flower paintings
Abstract paintings
Still life paintings
  • Fruit
  • Found
  • Things
How to series…
  • Palettes
  • Daily Painting
  • Oils
  • Watercolor
  • Monoprints
  • Easels
  • Stretch canvas
  • Draw
  • Studios
  • Materials
  • Painting gear




It's on the way. My shipment has shipped. Not due here until the eighth, but it could show up any time, now,

What is it? Top Secret. But I will let you know as soon as it's in my hands.

I will say this much; it's something I've been working on for weeks, and I'm really pretty proud of it. Besides, it's the beginning of something much bigger.

So. Be patient. I'm trying to be.

Meanwhile, here are some iPhone sketches I've been having a lot of fun with…

It's been so long since I last combined a grouping like this, rather than scrolling them, that I've forgotten which App I used. So I just did a screenshot of my iPhone, Airdropped it to my IPad, and here you have it. Not as fine, but quicker. Now, back to my next big project that I'm working on, in addition to the one we're waiting for that's due any day now.

Hasta pronto.



Thea has asked me to let you all know how much she appreciates all of your expressions of concern. She recently had surgery on her left eye for cataracts, followed a few days later by a more serious surgery to hopefully stop or at least slow down a rapidly advancing Glaucoma in her right eye. She's recovering well, but it should take six to eight weeks.

That's pretty rough on a person as active and full of go as Thea! She has worn glasses for near-sightedness since the third grade. Now, she is suddenly faced with being somewhat far-sighted and unable to wear glasses for the duration. She can't see to read emails or respond to them, can't even text, and has strict instructions not to physically strain her eye, like by bending over. In the garden that's rough. She loves her garden!

I can't remember the last time we watched a movie.

But the good news is that the pain has diminished appreciably, and her right eye is no longer the color of a candy apple red hot rod. Just a bit red in the corner.


Check out the August issue of Western Art Collector. And be sure to drop by Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe if you're in the area during August.

Also, you can expect more news sometime during August having to do with, you guessed it, Kachinas!





New Gallery Representation

I am both pleased and proud to announce that I have signed on with Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Durango, Colorado.

I will be in good company there, showing alongside my friends, Billy Schenck, Peggy Immel, Barbara Bowles, Stephen Day, Tom Palmore, Star Liana York, Kevin Red Star and others.

I look forward to working with the fine, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Sorrel Sky.

When in Santa Fe or Durango, be sure to drop by and say hello.