TAOS DECOR / iPad Air 2 / Noir

Another bit of iPad play. The start of a series? Maybe. I know that when the iPad is in my hands, and I look up, and there's something wanting to be photographed, I'm not going to simply ignore it.

A series will surely accumulate over time, but I'm not likely to devote a specific period of time to creating such a series to the exclusion of working with other cameras, especially my iPhone 6s Plus.

Tomorrow, I will show you how the iPad can come in handy for doing candid portraits.

And now, back to the world of books…

Hasta mañana.



EMPTY SHELLS / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / Noir

Well, that was a miss. I was engrossed in some Youtube research and when I realized I was running late I rushed to get this image ready and today's blog post built. By the time I'd gotten the image loaded after stumbling all over myself for several minutes, I glanced at my watch and it was one minute to midnight. I typed in “refresh”, realized that might not make much sense to some viewers, added “your browser”, and hit publish. As it was loading, the clock struck midnight, and, I had failed in my attempt to keep the dates straight. I checked, and sure enough, the post was dated Nov. 13. Oh,well, it's not the end of the world.

I'm finishing and fixing now, and will update in a few minutes.

Oh, the picture? It's just a simple found still life that caught my eye. And that of my iPhone.