Over on my Facebook page, in response to yesterday's photo, Grandstand, Thea had this to say:

John! I hope you can share an image of that fabulous painting you did years ago after the first Charreada visit. The title is PADRE HIJO HIJO ( Father Son Son) it is such a powerful image of this subject and “family love”.

So here they are…

PADRE HIJO HIJO / The Father, his son, and his son. / oil on Canvas / 50 x 40 inches, and…

FAMILIA / Family / Pastel on Charkoboard / 32 x 40 Inches

The first is a composite, actually, of Charros from that first Charreada and the Lienzo Charro Constituyentes in Mexico City. It represents the multi-generational nature of the Charro tradition.

Familia is based on a photograph I took in Mexico City's Lagunilla Market. I saw this proud grandfather outfitting the older brother in his new elaborate Charro costume, and knew I would have to paint them.

Hasta mañana.