This candid, or found, as opposed to formal, still life is from the Mercado San Juan de Pugibet, scene of several of my interior street photos.

From Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, hasta mañana.



When I saw these two girls standing, tired from shopping, in front of this wall, I knew I had an idea for a mini-theme, images in color, with black and white elements.

Then I remembered this shot from earlier,

I went looking through my recent street photography from here in Guadalajara and found a few more that could fit the into the series.

Again with the gowns. I happened to walk through the neighborhood where gowns are sold. Who could resist?

Lupita's Cantina, just down the street from my hotel, seems to have beeten me to the punch with this take on the famous Frida…

Then there's my favorite. The one I almost missed. So much color, and yet such extreme black and white!

I hope you enjoyed these. I will be looking for more.

Hasta mañana!



Another from the When a Painter Snaps archives. This image also appears in my forthcoming book, CAR PARTS. Watch for it.

CAR SHOW SELF PORTRAIT / iPhone 4 / PhotoForge2

When photographing car shows, it's really hard to keep myself out of the image. So sometimes I just go ahead and make the most of it. Or maybe I'm really a raving narcissist. Whatcha think?.

Hasta mañana.



KITCHEN BURRO / iPhoto 6s Plus / Leonardo / PhotoForge 2 / Snapseed

This charming little guy brightens our kitchen and warms our hearts. Maybe he can bring a little joy into a corner of your morning.

Work continues on my book projects, as well as on a catalog for my upcoming March exhibition at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe. So. I'd better get back to it.

Hasta mañana.



RANCHOS CHURCH / iPhone 4s / PhotoForge 2

I just couldn't resist sharing one more image of this iconic adobe church. I hope you like it. If you've been following the last couple of posts on this blog, you already know about it, if not, just scroll down and read about it there.

Hasta mañana.



iPhone4s / PhotoForge 2 / Photogene

Here's another shot of the church featured in yesterday's blog. This one is also from my former daily photo blog, When a Painter Snaps.

Here's what I wrote at the time:

Five days ago, I posted an image of Thea and our friend, Jay Olson, in front of the Church at Ranchos. Admittedly, it was more snapshot than photograph. This is called When a Painter Snaps, after all.

Today, though, I decided to post my latest photograph of this beautiful building that has drawn both artists and photographers ranging from Georgia O'Keeffe to Anselm Adams. As for photographers, it's been shot with 8×10 and 4×5 cameras, 35mm cameras, and everything from pinhole cameras and Kodak Brownies to, as in this case, an iPhone.

Hasta mañana.



RANCHOS CHURCH IPhone 4s / PhotoForge2

This is the back of the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church, in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, made famous by photographers and artists including Ansel Adams, Ernest Leonard Blumenschein and Georgia O’Keeffe. Made of just mud and straw, it was almost lost when misguided attepmts to modernize it by covering it in a concrete plaster resulted in water finding its way through tiny cracks and dissolving the adobe. The plaster hid the results until it was almost too late. When the damage was discovered, the plaster was removed, and the community went back to its earlier practice of mudding (re-plastering with adobe, a mix of mud and straw) the walls every one to three years. It’s fascinating to watch workers lifted high in mechanical cherry pickers applying a coating of mud and straw and polishing it with a piece of sheepskin.

I am proud and pleased to know that my grandsons, Kyle and Westley, have had an opportunity to help in applying the adobe plaster to this iconic bit of Southwestern architecture.

This is a replay from a couple of years ago on my daily photo blog, When a Painter Snaps. That blog is no longer active, but you are welcome to go there to look through some three years of archives.



TORN BUILDING / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2

I shot this from the taxi at the corner of Calle Cedro and Paseo de la Reforma, on last April Fool's Day, on my way to the American Express office in Mexico City to book a flight. That's all the caption you get. Take a moment, though, look it over, and see what story the photo tells you. What are you seeing? What all are you seeing? What might it all mean?

As you can see, I'm having a hard time getting away from PhotoForge 2. One heck of an app. Too bad Yahoo killed it.

Sorry, but the book news will have to wait until tomorrow, or even until after the weekend. We'll see. This is a busy time for us, and I'll bet it is for you, too.

Hasta mañana.



LATER THAT NIGHT / IPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2

So I returned later that night to reshoot yesterday's scene in the moonlight. Just kidding. Truth is, I was wondering if I could make the scene look the way it looked in my mind. Like a moonlit scene. I played around, using two of my favorite apps and their sliders for saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights, and even a few of their filters. (Lightly on the filters.)

I had a lot of fun playing with the image, and I'm enjoying the final result. I hope you are, too.

The rest of my day was a little less fun. I've made a mess. I have three books I've been working on simultaneously.

A wrong version of KACHINAS somehow got onto Amazon. I managed to get it removed. Now I have to get the right version up. The correct version, thank goodness is still available in the Blurb Bookstore.

The hard cover and soft cover versions of CAR PARTS, as mentioned previously, arrived late on Monday. I noticed right away that, while it's beautifully printed, a couple of pages were not as they should have been. Last night I discovered that the cover was right, the entire insides are from an earlier version that I had spent a day changing throughout. I still have to build and figure out how to make epub, Kindle, and pdf versions available to all the different markets.

As some of you are aware, LIFE OF A PHOTOGRAPH can only be read on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I have promised to make it available to all those who don't have those devices. But that requires a different format and use of different software, as well as transfer to my Mac desktop.

Altogether, with the three books, I am dealing with three different apps, three or four companies, three different file formats, and, due to my own sloppy mismanagement of the whole process, a mind boggling amount of confusion and wasted time. But I'm learning as I go, and have finally realized it's time to slow down, get organized, and sort it all out. Also, I need to prioritize and take one thing at a time.

They say that making mistakes is the only way to learn. If that's true, I should reach geniushood any day, now. Don't hold your breath for that. 😉

Additionally, all the images for my books have to be located, cleaned up, sized, move from machine to cloud to machine, uploaded and inserted, books and covers, both print and eBook, designed, text researched, written, loaded, sized and arranged. Fonts chosen, colors chosen, etc.

It's been rough. But, you know what? I LOVE IT. I've wanted to do something like this for years. I didn't dream how difficult it could be I could make it. I have learned a great deal of respect for those who make more complex books. Even while struggling with these three books, my mind is racing with all the others clammering to get made. Someday I'm going to make a book to help others avoid my mistakes and really enjoy making their own books.

I just made a commitment to make a catalog for my Sorrel Sky Gallery coming up in March in Santa Fe.

So I guess I'd better get back to work.

Hasta mañana.



FIRST HAIRCUT / iPhone 6+ / PhotoForge 2

Street photography. People watching. Light and color. Walking the streets, whether near home or while traveling. These are things I truly enjoy. Capturing candid moments, human interactions, being aware, attuned, ready.

Later, at home, or back in my room, to relive those moments, enhance the images, share them; this I also enjoy.

On the streets of Valladolid, Mexico, a fraction of a second. On my iPad, a chance to slow down, savor, develop, improve. Published here, shared with the world, with you.

Time for you, I hope, to pause for a moment. Look, really look. Complete the story in your own mind. To comment and share your thoughts, here and with your friends. On Facebook, Twitter, by email or sms.

Hasta mañana.