Now for a replay, from When a Painter Snaps, back in July, 2013:

Today, I thought it might be fun to show you how this photograph came to be. It started with this image, taken along the high road from Taos to Santa Fe:

I cropped it and worked a few simple fixes and adjustments in ACDSee on my laptop.

I liked the result, but thought it would be fun to try a vertical, eliminating a lot of the unnecessary part of the wood on the right hand side of the image, thereby bringing sharper focus to the skull. I also decided to try it in black and white to enhance the drama in the scene, along with tweaking the lighting to increase the contrast. I cropped the image, applied a subtle black vignette, then topped it off with a lightly blurred vignette.

I was almost satisfied with the result, and could well have stopped at this point, but decided to try a softened border.

Nope, that was looking a bit contrived, so I got rid of it. It was then that I decided to try re-applying color to the image and even pumping the color up a little. The image below was the result. The result I've chosen to stand by.

Well, that was then. This is now. I couldn't resist tweaking it a tiny bit more, now that it's on my iPad, using good old Snapseed.

COW SKULL PROCESS/ Camera Unknown / ACDSee / Snapseed

So. Here's the final, final. For now, anyway.

Hasta mañana.