Classical Gas


The Classical Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico. How many times have I hurried past? Someday, soon I hope, I’m going to stop, go in, take my time, and, maybe, get some good photographs.

My friend, photographer Steve Bundy, tells me it’s full of interesting old stuff.

Being a bit of old stuff myself, I expect I will thoroughly enjoy my visit.

HOMBRE DEL CAMPO / Daily Painting #1224

We took it fairly easy today, starting with a late breakfast at Mama Mia with Gari and Kayce, then the four of us visited the artesanias fair at the Instituto. Gari and I were both taken with a studio we visited. Twenty foot ceilings, tall windows and door, and a big, beautiful fireplace tend to make these old Colonial buildings very attractive for an artist. We also found a beautiful restaurant in the complex that is only open for events, and Kayce was able to reserve it for the multiple birthday celebration that we will be celebrating in a week or two.

While we were there, I spotted this country gentleman, Hombre del Campo, and knew I had my subject for today.

Thea got a pair of earrings and she and Kayce each got a scarf. I found a pair of sandals for my aching feet, but couldn't pay with a credit card.

Gari and Kayce decided to go back to Casa Laura and rest. Thea and I struck out for the centro, and a couple of blocks from the Instituto we spotted a tiny shoe store with exactly the sandals I had seen earlier. I tried on the largest pair in the store, and they were a Goldilocks fit. We walked on up to the Jardin, discovering a very small sort of art house cinema on the way, then back to Mama Mia for pizza and some excellent live guitar music. We walked back down to Trattoria Roma and caught a cab home. I am happy to report that my feet feel the best they have since we left home.

Having a grand time in San Miguel.

¡Hasta Mañana!

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