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THE WAITING ROOM LESSON / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

Black and white is more commomly used than color in street photography. When, as in this image, color is relatively unimportant, I prefer the monochrome. At other times, color carries or occasinally, is the story.

I feel that this tender and poignant moment is well served by black and white.

Big announcement coming tomorrow. I hope.

Hasta mañana.



SLOW NIGHT IN MEXICO CITY / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / FrontView

Late again. Missed that old midnight deadline. Came home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends at our daughter Kimberley's and got caught up in a project that I had started earlier in the day. Didn't realize how late it was getting until suddenly it was four minutes to pumpkin. Oh, well! I guess it won't hurt anything if two of my posts show the same date.

Late, too with my wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I leave you with a favorite quote that I find appropriate not just for this one day, but for all days:

Let there still be, to the last, gratitude, unbounded, heatfelt gratitude, for having been granted a spell in this world of wonders.

J.M. Coetzee / Age of Iron

Hasta mañana.


EVENING IN RONDA / iPhone 4s / Snapseed

I was having fun playing with silhouettes outside the Plaza de Toros. in Ronda, Spain's oldest bullring, last year, while walking around indulging in my favorite pastime, street photography.

Hasta mañana.





ESCORT / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

I love shooting street photography. I love Mexico City. Put the two together and I'm a happy boy. Plus, I get some exercise, a lot, really. And I drink a lot of that delicious, fresh squeezed orange juice.

Then, when I just can't walk any more, I sit and sketch, people, mostly, on my iPhone.

Of course, Mexico City isn't the only place I like to do these things. Nice, France is another favorite, as are the cities and towns of southern Spain. Buenos Aires in Argentina, though I've only been there one time is high on my list.

OK, I guess you can tell I'm getting really homesick for all the places I've been and all those I've yet to explore.

Soon. Just wrapping up a couple of last minute projects. More about those beginning tomorrow.

Hasta mañana.



EMPTY SHELLS / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / Noir

Well, that was a miss. I was engrossed in some Youtube research and when I realized I was running late I rushed to get this image ready and today's blog post built. By the time I'd gotten the image loaded after stumbling all over myself for several minutes, I glanced at my watch and it was one minute to midnight. I typed in “refresh”, realized that might not make much sense to some viewers, added “your browser”, and hit publish. As it was loading, the clock struck midnight, and, I had failed in my attempt to keep the dates straight. I checked, and sure enough, the post was dated Nov. 13. Oh,well, it's not the end of the world.

I'm finishing and fixing now, and will update in a few minutes.

Oh, the picture? It's just a simple found still life that caught my eye. And that of my iPhone.






We did the fishmonger last time; now let's do some things with just the fish. We start by cropping the original image, removing the part that we no longer need.

This gives us a starting point, but let's try and make it more interesting. We could start by cropping down to the most interesting fish, eliminating even more of the unnecessary bits, and pumping up the color…

Hmmmm, not bad. What if we darken the image and add more contrast?

I kind of like the sinister look that it has now. Definitely more interesting than what we started with. We could stop here, but why not go back a step, and pump the color even more…

Now, let's play around with some distortion… Give it a little of the old fish eye look. Pun intended.

I think we've got something here. Let's go further with it and see what we get.

Yikes! Not sure I like this one. But wait. Notice that big, deep, black hole that has opened up in the center. What a great spot for an editor to place a title. And there's another negative space in the lower right that could hold some additional copy. A handy app for trying this idea on for size is Skitch…

That was fun! But I think I'll try and take it even further. I'm liking those guys on the right, so I think I'll crop down to them and rotate, like this…

Powerful, and might look good with text flowing in the dark space. But the fish on the left troubles me, the way it leads the eye out the bottom of the picture. Of course, that could be a good thing if it worked within the context of a page layout, for instance, taking the reader right into the beginning of the story. The red one in the bottom left also bothers me, as does the hard to see third fish on the right. I play around with several versions, changing values, contrast, sharpness, color saturation, etc, until I come up with this one that I like…

Much better! Some carefully applied vignette helped with the lower left, and I brought up the light on fish number three, while selectively applying more vignette to keep the values down on the rest of the image.

Want to take it further, yet? OK! Let's rotate this sucker and see how it feels…

Interesting. But, now that upside down fish is too distracting. And the big one on top is way too heavy. Time for another cropping…

And Bingo! How's this for a magazine layout, or a blog banner. Now all we need is a bunch of fish tales 😉

We've come a long way from the original photo. There were several points along the way that we could have veered off from in even more directions. Another time I'll share some things to be done with a failed original to make it into something useable. On yet another, I'll show how I get from photo research to a finished painting. So stay tuned!

Hasta Luego