iPad4 / as taken

Here's that candid portrait I promised yesterday. It was taken around three years ago, on my iPad 4, with its five megapixel camera. This is what I had to say about the shot at the time:

The best camera is the camera you have with you! I was in the Barry Norris Studio a couple of days ago to proof a large print for the Kachina Show (see below). I usually have my iPhone in my pocket, but on this occasion, it was out in Betsy, being charged. I had my iPad4 with me, though, and when Barry was talking with another artist and the light was right, I used it to grab this candid portrait shot.

I see a lot of people slamming iPad photography on the internet, but I also see a lot of perfect, yet perfectly boring, photographs taken with top-of-the-line cameras.

As a stealth camera, the iPad is less obvious than a camera, in spite of its size. People just don't tend to think of it as a camera. Speaking of size, the iPad is hard to beat as a viewer, making framing, composition and lighting of the shot much easier. Of course, it also serves well for reviewing, adjusting and enhancing images.

Sometimes it's just plain fun to work within a camera's limits.

Hasta mañana.