On the tenth, we ran a couple of errands in Santa Fe, then drove on down to Albuquerque, where we had dinner, went to a movie, and checked into a hotel. A really enjoyable day together.
Yesterday, however, was exhausting. Up at 5 am. (Ten is more my speed.) Thea dropped me off at the airport for my first flight, to Dallas Fort Worth, where I had a light lunch of Vietnamese chicken soup. Then, while waiting for my next flight, I sketched a few fellow passengers using just my finger on my iPhone 6 Plus:
Ooops! Wrong date. Should have been 03-11-2015. Sorry.

I used the app Sketch Time. I love drawing on the iPhone and iPad. So covenient. And unobtrusive. And I really like the fact that Sketch Time gives me an instant replay of a drawing in high speed motion. I'm going to experiment with a couple of other apps to see if they will allow transfer of the replay.

I expect to be doing a lot more of my sketching this way, especially while traveling.

After a crowded and cramped but uneventful flight, I exited the airport and boarded a bus for a crowded and cramped one hour bus ride to Playa del Carmen, where I snapped this shot on the way to my hotel:

After checking in, I cleaned up, stashed my stuff and took a nice long walk. I located the Telcel store where I will go shortly to get a sim card for my iPad. Then I had a dinner of fish tacos and fresh squeezed orange juice, and another long walk back to my room. Result? Cramps in both legs and both feet until 3 or 4 am. Ouch! Better now, and rested.

Now, it's time to explore. Yay, Life is Grand.