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It’s the annual Dia de la Tradicion, the annual gaucho fair. Gauchos come to San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, from  all over the Pampa to participate in this grand celebration of gaucho skills and  traditions.

The horses from dozens of estancias, or ranches, are turned into a huge arena, and allowed to intermingle at random.

The gauchos from each of the participating estancias then enter the arena, leading their respective bell mares, lead horses wearing loud, distinctive bells around their necks, through the herd.

They emerge on the other side with the tropilla, or troop, of horses from their particular estancia separated from all the others and following their bell mare’s lead.

Sandias and Clouds

JPEG image-79E34961DDA8-1.jpeg

It’s summertime and the skies are alive, making the drive to Albuquerque even more beautiful than usual.


JPEG image-902222DDFCE1-1

In 2011, I took my iPhone 4 and the Amtrak from Lamy to Chicago, and on to New York, New Orleans, Tucson, Los Angeles, and back to Lamy (Santa Fe). This was shot as we entered the Horseshoe on our way to Raton, New Mexico.

Ranchos Moon


This is one of my earliest digital photographs, taken several years ago. It is still one of my favorites.


JPEG image-10A0722213F0-1.jpeg

This is a bit of street photography that I took in Eymet, France while teaching a workshop  in 2009. I opened it up this evening in Snapseed on my iPad Air 2, and brought it to life. I liked the way the tree echoed the person walking by in contrast to all the harsh verticals in the image.


IMG_8629 2.JPG

OK, who can guess where this was taken? Answer in the comments below, if you know….

Moving Day


A new take on an old photo. Lots of meaning for me. Maybe not for others.