A Young Cucurucho

A young Cucurucho standard bearer waits at the beginning of a procession during Semana Santa in La Antigua, Guatemala.


If you don’t see a photo, hit refresh. WiFi is acting up tonight.

I saw some good light on people enjoying street food after today’s procession, and took a quick shot. Later, I saw the shirt.

A Roman Soldier

A Roman soldier… in a baseball cap? With a shiner? You never know what you will see during Semana Santa in La Antigua, Guatemala!


Mother and Child

There seemed to be more tired and sleepy kids at today’s procession. I’m more drawn to photographing the people around the procession itself. That’s a people watcher-street photographer for you.

Night Time in Antigua

This caught my eye tonight on the way back to my apartment after shooting a Semana Santa (Holy Week) procession.


I just love shooting street photography in Antigua, Guatemala. Hint: I love shooting street wherever there are people. And things. And color. And light. Lots of light, or barely enough light.

I find it interesting that the slender security guard has a fat shadow. Kind of like me and reflections. Hmmm..