Anything for excitement when you’re stuck in the back seat of a car full of grownups and in a strange, new town!


In the Parque Central, a Mayan couple waits patiently for yesterday’s Procesión Jesús de Bartolomé Becerra, in Antigua, Guatemala.


Childish amazement as the procession approaches.

Laughing it up at the Food Cart

As it turns out, this Quinto Viernes de Cuaresma Velación de la Consagrada Imagen de Jesús Nazareno de la Caída, Aldea de San Bartolomé Becerra. is a lot like a county or state fair. Except that there were no carnival rides. There is a definitely religious element inside the church, but outside it was all quite festive. Although it is part of Lent, there was a tremendous amount of food available, from mango to popcorn to crepes, and especially tortillas and grilled meats.

For example, check out my Instagram post for today, (Sunday) @johnfarnswortgphotographer


Whatever the occasion, you can count on plenty of street food vendors in La Antigua, like at tonight’s Quinto Viernes de Cuaresma

Velación de la Consagrada Imagen de Jesús Nazareno de la Caída, Aldea de San Bartolomé Becerra.


When it comes to flowers, unless they just happen to be in a found still life, I usually prefer shooting them after they’re dead and dried out. Mummified. But, like I say, anything that catches my eye, and that’s just what this beauty did. Those colors jumped right out at me and said, hey, where ya goin in such a hurry? Stop and take a picture!

I was almost home after shooting in the market, and could see some commotion at the end of the block, and I was in a hurry to see what was going on. But there, alone, save for some unopened buds, Hanging at eye level from a rusty iron post, was this flower that I’m so glad I paused to shoot.

Oh, the commotion? It was the Municipal Police stopping traffic to let a motorcycle funeral procession pass by. More on that day later and on Instagram @johnfarnsworthphotographer.

After School

Oh, how I used to love getting out of school and back to real life!

Odd, but I’ve been in love with learning ever since I finally, really did get out of school!

Hasta luego

Mama’s Little Helper

I had intended to stay in today, get caught up. Rest a little. But, at four o’clock, I decided I’d better get some exercise. Took a walk over to the Mercado. Things were really quiet there today. Lots of photo ops. I ended up wandering around in the market, getting lots of shots. Very relaxed. Went out behind the market for a few shots of the chicken buses, then headed back to my apartment.

At five, I was half a block from home when I encountered a roadblock. Along came a huge funeral procession on motorcycles, motor bikes, and scooters. Obviously one of their own had died. I fell in line with the walking part of the crowd and followed them to the Funerales Reforma Private Cemetery where the riders lined up on both sides of the street, revving their engines in salute as the casket was carried overhead into the cemetery.

Uh oh, I just got busy researching the name of the cemetery and missed my midnight deadline for publishing this post. Nope, I didn’t turn into a pumpkin. It just means that there will be no entry showing for Tuesday, with two listed for Wednesday. As if that matters a whole lot to anyone but me.. Anyway…

I got back to my apartment around six or six thirty and checked the pedometer on my iPhone. Turns out I had walked 2.7 miles. I had also taken 521 photographs, a surprisingly large number of which, around six percent, show some promise. A few, like the one above, will show up here, others on Instagram or on See you there?

Hasta luego


Cansado, Tired

Exhaustion, too, is a part of the events surrounding Cuaresma and Semana Santa, or Lent and Easter Week here in La Antigua, Guatemala.


I just can’t seem to resist photographing tubas, like this one following yesterday’s Procesión infantil de las Réplicas de la Consagrada Imagen de Jesús Nazareno de la Caída y Santísima Virgen de Dolores, Aldea de San Bartolomé Becerra. Another of the Lenten processions in which children carry the Andas, or floats. Can anyone with a camera resist?