Flagstaff to Williams


Meet Fordacho, 2000 Ford E-150 Conversion Van. My home away from home. My own personal guest house. Here, you see him parked in the driveway at my daughter Rosa's in Kachina Village, Flagstaff, Arizona, where I stayed for a couple of nights and a fun visit.



But I'm getting ahead of myself. Do you remember my last post? The one in which I said I woke up in Holbrook? Well, that was when I decided to get off the Interstate and head North to Hopi. And am I glad I made that decision.

I got word of a Kachina Dance in Moenkopi, over by Tuba City. I had seen one dance there a few years ago, in the lower plaza. That one was a fairly limited dance, so I wasn't expecting too much.

When I got there, around one o'clock, I saw a group of clowns entering the upper plaza and a large crowd with cars and pickups parked everywhere. I quickly squeezed Fordacho into a parking spot, and made my way around to the other end of the plaza where I found a bit of shade that left me peeking around the corner of a house the roof of which was covered with spectators.

Just then the Kachinas began filing in from the far end of the plaza. Along with a drummer, a priest, several clowns, covered in yellow clay and unmasked, something I had never before seen, and a couple of Mudheads, some sixty Long Hair Kachinas of all ages and sizes appeared, filling the plaza. They brought with them boxes of gifts to throw into the crowd. There were apples and oranges and peaches, candies and popcorn balls, bananas and carrots and loaves of bread. There were also small Kachina Dolls and beautifully painted gourd rattles for the children; these were not thrown, but handled gently.

I caught four apples, two oranges, two bags of dinner rolls and a bag of Cheez -Whiz! I was handed a very welcome slice of watermelon.

Soon, small groups and individual Mixed Kachinas came from behind me and joined in with the Long Hairs.

Then, between “sets”, more Mixed Kachinas, at times as many as sixty five Kachinas of all sorts, Ogres, Whippers, a Great Horned Owl, Mong, or Chief, Mudheads, Piptukas, Kachinas representing other tribes, Navajo, Comanche, Apache, Supai and others. Chaveyo and Planet, Soyoko and Soyok Mana, Kokopeli, Wuwuchim and Wildcat were there. Left Handed Kachina, Ewiro, the Warrior, and Hu were there, too.

There were skits, one involving two very large “Sumo wrestlers” and their attendants, judges, and supporters, and another a very raucous and suggestive take on the recent Trans Gender headlines.

I managed to move into a better shaded vantage point on the other side, after the first dance, with a view of the entire length of the plaza as well as the comings and goings of the Mixed Kachina groups, where I stayed unti the end.

The day was very hot, with almost no breeze. I mostly stood and occasionally, briefly sat until seven or seven thirty. It was exhausting for me. I can't imagine how the dancers could keep going all that time, and probably all morning, as well. They had no shade and many had their heads enclosed in heavy leather masks; some were wearing black, woolen mantas, others fox or bobcat skins around their necks and shoulders. Yet on they danced, seemingly tirelessly.

Grrr, my battery is getting low, gotta go

To be continued…



PREPARE FOR LAUNCH / Daily Painting #1294

Prepare for Launch / Ink and Watercolor / 6 x 9 Inches

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Palhik Mana Kachina Maiden / Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage 3

I just had to do another kachina on my iPad. And who better than the beautifl Pahik Mana for my model. Unlike the Qõqõlo that I did recently, I wanted this one to have the sketch lines showing. I like this effect. I would love to hear your opinions.

On another note… Yipee! I have finally managed to get my Lumix Link wifi app working so I can move images from my camers to my iPad Air. I won't bore all of you with the details, but if any of you have questions abou this, just shoot me an email and I will be happy to help you any way I can.

Happy Easter, everyone. Monday marks the beginning of my revisit to the famous Pueblos Blancos. I think you're going to enjoy this. As much as I've appreciated this past week of rest and work and routine, it will be good to be moving again.

¡Hasta mañana!


LA CAPILLA / Daily Painting #1038

Oil on Paper Mounted on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches

La Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, in Llano Quemado, New Mexico. This was my workshop demo painting in today's class at Eastern New Mexico University, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

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Whoopie, 25k!!!

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