Tourist season is winding down here in Taos. But there are still some chances available to indulge in a bit of street photography. Any time I'm out of the house and there are strangers about, I can be found “shooting street”.

If I'm at home, I will be shooting other things, flowers, still lifes, etc., or more likely, working on, or as in this instance, playing with images on my iPad.



I had a great time, on Saturday, at Cowboy Camp on Clint Mortenson's ranch south of Santa Fe, shooting with friends @Steve Immel and @Steve Bundy. This found still life, so typical of ranch life was something I just couldn't pass up.




Back to the Taos Rodeo, but not the action, yet. It's coming; but first some more behind the scenes finds.



I found this unusual still life in a shop window in Las Vegas, New Mexico on a recent visit. I shot it with my iPhone and processed it in Snapseed on my iPad Air 2.

Those old treadle sewing machines were a real work of sreampunk art. Both my grandmothers used to work minor miracles on them while I played on the floor at their feet.

I loved the way the heavy iron machines could be made to disappear into their own wooden cabinet when not in service.

Working on this image has brought back a flood of memories from long ago.



Strollers strolling.



We were having lunch in the garden today and Thea's glass of limeade caught my eye. I whipped out my trusty iPhone and took what I would later caress into this semi-abstract photograph.
I've been doing an on again, off again series of abstractions based on ice water with a twist whenever that is served. I love doing them, and some have come out looking pretty good. Somehow, though, I'm especially pleased with this one. I just plain enjoy looking at it. Now, if I could just come up with a better title…



Thea tells me the irises have just about run their course for this year. But wait, here's one that I noticed this morning, opening up to give us one more show of extreme beauty.



Given lemons, I like to make lemonade. Given lemon water, I like to make photographic abstractions.



The weather is getting nicer and we are enjoying Playing in Thea's garden again. Her irises are really special this year.





I shot this one evening while walking back to my hotel after dinner in Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico.