CONTRASTS / Chama, New Mexico / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

I went up to Chama, New Mexico a couple of days ago, with my friend, photographer Steve Bundy and new friends Del and Paul Hollingsworth, to photograph fall colors and the trains of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. This beautiful 1920 Rolls Royce was one of several in town at the same time we were, and I was taken with the contrast of the white car and the black engine.



It's that magic time when the sun is low on the horizon, and all is bathed in a warm, soft, golden glow.

Morning or evening, it is every photographer's favorite time of day.

I've been photographing these trees for years and finally, a couple of days ago, the light, the clouds and their shadows on Taos Mountain all came together in just the way I had so long envisioned.

Patience, luck, and an ever ready iPhone with a bit of processing with the Snapseed app, and there you have it.



This plant grows in clusters, close to the ground, and spreads rapidly, apparently from the root, as it rarely blooms. When it does, though, its blossoms, while tiny, are complex and beautiful.



Given lemons, I like to make lemonade. Given lemon water, I like to make photographic abstractions.



An early delight from Thea's garden now gracing our dining table.



This one is from the archives. I thought it deserved another chance to be seen, so here it is

See you tomorrow…




I got a couple of good shots today, while walking around my old Mexico City haunts. This was a favorite.

From Ciudad de Mexico, Centro, Hasta mañana.



We had friends over on Sunday and I took some good natured ribbing over my recent series of posts. You know the ones, shots taken through our kitchen window, of the two dried sunflower stalks in the snow.

Well, on Monday, at 4:50 pm, I looked out my office window, and saw this.

I took a picture with my iPhone with thoughts of an “O K, here's a view out a different window. So there.” But I had already started work on the blog of the little Escaramusita. She won. That got me going on a series of Rodeo and Charreada kids.

Then, yesterday, Wednesday, I just happened to look up from my iPad and glance out the office window. I pulled my iPhone from my pocket and grabbed this shot, at 4:51 pm.

So there! Now, back to the kids! 😉

Hasta mañana.



MUD AND STEEL / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

Street photography? Still life? Travel? I'm not quite sure what to call this photographic study in composition, color and contrast. I like the story it tells, a story of the humble, enduring, resistant adobe pueblo of Taos, and the modern, technologically advanced bicycle.

No word from Blurb, yet, regarding my missing Kachina books. Maybe tomorrow. I made some good progress today on my other book projects, though, and got some good painting time in, as well.

Hasta mañana.



WOODEN HORSE / iPHONE 6+ / IPAD AIR 2 / PhotoForge 2

This amazing little wooden horse followed me home from Robert Cafazzo's and Holly Sievers' Two Graces Gallery just down the road in the Ranchos de Taos plaza.

I went out onto the portal to eat my lunch a couple of days ago, and here it was, where Thea had put it on the small metal table where I was sitting, soaking in the late autumn sun.

Out came my iPhone for a portrait. I sat him in front of the white wall and lowered the exposure to burn out the detail of the plaster. After transfering the image to my iPad, I brought back the darker details, sharpened it a bit and increased the vibrance slightly. Then I cropped it and here you have it.

The naive sophistication expressed in this crude yet brilliantly executed figure, whether originally intended as sculpture or toy delights me in much the same way many of the older Kachinas do.

Speaking of Kachinas, I've encountered a problem with the introduction of my book, KACHINAS. For some reason, the preview on is showing the inside images in black and white. Arghhh! I am working with the support people at Blurb and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Hmmm, I see that midnight has snuck up on me (blame daylight saving) and will result in this post having the same date as tomrrow's. But really, my day runs from when I get up until I go to bed and isn't really all that related to what the clocks have to say. So as long as I post before every time I turn in for the night, I'm sticking to my promise of a post a day. And that's all I have to say about that, thank goodness.

More tomorrow…