Another example of candid street photography from right here in Taos, New Mexico.




San Geronimo Chapel, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.



When I met this little sweetie at Cowboy Camp, she shook my hand, tipped her hat back, looked me in the eye and said, “I can ride anything with hair on it!” Check out those wooly angora chaps!

As mentioned previously, I was there recently with @steveimmel and @stevenbundy photographing National Day of the Cowboy on the Mortenson Ranch.



Crossing East Palace after a spring shower.



Barefoot buskers on the Santa Fe Plaza. Can anyone provide a translation of the violin player's tattoo?

See you tomorrow…



I fumbled around with a near dead battery in my iPhone this evening, and completely missed out on this woman and her dog as they left their vehicle. Luckily, my phone was recharged enough to capture this shot when they returned from shopping. I then cropped and tweaked it in Snapseed on my iPad, like I usually do.

See you tomorrow…



I drove Thea in to work this morning, and when I got ready to leave, I saw this scene coming up. There was no time to roll my window down, so I shot it through my dirty car window.

I went back into the gallery and cropped and tweaked the image on my iPhone, using Snapseed and FrontView.

When I got home, I cleaned up the dirty window effects, again using Snapseed, this time on my iPad.

Street photography is fun!, whether traveling or at home.



I got a couple of good shots today, while walking around my old Mexico City haunts. This was a favorite.

From Ciudad de Mexico, Centro, Hasta mañana.



I first visited San Blas in the early seventies. It was a sleepy little fishing village then. Now, it's a a run down, crowded, crumbling, dusty little fishing village. It's also a quiet backwater, where no one seems to be in a hurry, where whole families pile onto a scooter and drive slowly around the zocalito, waving at friends, stopping for an ice cream.
There's not much here for the tourist, no blocks and blocks of souvenir shops, no over priced restaurants and bars, but for a photographer, it's a real shutter melter.

Dogs and scooters are ever present in San Blas,


Motor bikes and mobile phones, too.

I saw color,

And tenderness,


And ingenuity, as in this grill made from an automobile wheel and what looks like it might have been a storm drain grate in another light.

Tomorrow's a travel day. Who knows what that might bring?

Hasta mañana.


“COWBOY” / Daily Painting #1407

“Cowboy” / Ink and Watercolor / 7 x 10 Inches / Daily Painting #1407

Kimberley's dog “Cowboy” is getting to be easier to paint. He actually holds still, now, for a little while, at least. This is the best view I've been able to get of his natural heart shaped spot. He loves to work cattle, by the way.

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