Sorry this is late. Wifi went down as I was preparing it, and is still down. Had walk around and find a Starbucks to get online. So this is really the post from last night. Anyway, here goes…

PIRATE SHIP / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

This was the view, this evening, from my penthouse balcony rocking chair in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had just returned from dinner with my new friends, Sam and Giséle. We had gone to Cafe Repollo Rojo, or The Red Cabbage on the recommendation of my great friend of many years, Canadian Artist Gena LaCoste who had visited here around this time last year. We went there for the Chiles en Nogada. Thanks, Gena!

So what does this have to do with a Pirate Ship in the Bay of Banderas? Not so much, really. However, if you are patient and be sure to look in on tomorrow's post, you will gain a better understanding of why I was excited when she hove into view.

I have always wanted to someday live in a penthouse. When I found this one with four days on the calendar fot less than the cost of one night in a cheap hotel in Albuquerque, I decided Guadalajara could wait. And since it coincided with my last day with my Dutch pals, Gerard, Dini and Bjorn, it seemed the right thing to do. It was.

Don't forget, tomorrow, the Pirate Surprise.

Untl then,

Hasta mañana.