Here's another version of yesterday's subject, for Jay and the rest of you black and white aficionados.



The golden rays of the setting sun wash across the Church of San José de la Gracia in Las Trampas, New Mexico.

On Monday, following dinner in Chimayo, we drove up through Truchas to Las Trampas on the high road from Santa Fe to Taos. When we arrived, clouds blocked the sun, but after a few minutes' wait, the sun broke through, briefly, before dropping below the mountains to the west, and turned mud into gold.



iPhone4s / PhotoForge 2 / Photogene

Here's another shot of the church featured in yesterday's blog. This one is also from my former daily photo blog, When a Painter Snaps.

Here's what I wrote at the time:

Five days ago, I posted an image of Thea and our friend, Jay Olson, in front of the Church at Ranchos. Admittedly, it was more snapshot than photograph. This is called When a Painter Snaps, after all.

Today, though, I decided to post my latest photograph of this beautiful building that has drawn both artists and photographers ranging from Georgia O'Keeffe to Anselm Adams. As for photographers, it's been shot with 8×10 and 4×5 cameras, 35mm cameras, and everything from pinhole cameras and Kodak Brownies to, as in this case, an iPhone.

Hasta mañana.



MUD AND STEEL / iPhone 6 Plus / Snapseed

Street photography? Still life? Travel? I'm not quite sure what to call this photographic study in composition, color and contrast. I like the story it tells, a story of the humble, enduring, resistant adobe pueblo of Taos, and the modern, technologically advanced bicycle.

No word from Blurb, yet, regarding my missing Kachina books. Maybe tomorrow. I made some good progress today on my other book projects, though, and got some good painting time in, as well.

Hasta mañana.