I caught this bit of street photography while passing quickly through Santa Fe, yesterday, on my way to Mexico!



TRADER / Taos, New Mexico / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

Cousin Ann Lawrence and I visited the Millicent Rogers Museum Fall for Antiques Show and Sale, where the dealers are often as colorful as their wares.



These young dancers performed today, and will again tomorow, Sunday, in the Old Taos Trade Fair at the Hacienda de Los Martinez, here in Taos, New Mexico.




In a corner of the thousand year old Taos Pueblo, home of the Red Willow People, a ladder and an horno, or bread oven, reminders of the past and the present.




This was a hipshot, taken in passing, for anyone interested.

In other words, I held my iPhone down by my hip, at arm's length, and shot blind, three or four candid shots as I walked past these cowboys who were having a visit at the Taos Rodeo, back jn June.

Then I chose the best of the group, cropped and adjusted it in Snapseed, on my iPad Air 2, and ended up with a photograph I'm quite pleased with.



Taos Pueblo



I took a drrive on the Camino Abajo, the road below our house, a couple of evenings ago, and ran across this grey beauty who seemed to love posing for me.



Tourist season is winding down here in Taos. But there are still some chances available to indulge in a bit of street photography. Any time I'm out of the house and there are strangers about, I can be found “shooting street”.

If I'm at home, I will be shooting other things, flowers, still lifes, etc., or more likely, working on, or as in this instance, playing with images on my iPad.



Who will save this beautiful northern New Mexico farm style adobe in Llano San Juan? Just look at those thick walls. There's lot of history here.



Three chairs in the lobby of the Performing Arts Theater in Peñasco, New Mexico.