Sorry this is late. Wifi went down as I was preparing it, and is still down. Had walk around and find a Starbucks to get online. So this is really the post from last night. Anyway, here goes…

PIRATE SHIP / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

This was the view, this evening, from my penthouse balcony rocking chair in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had just returned from dinner with my new friends, Sam and Giséle. We had gone to Cafe Repollo Rojo, or The Red Cabbage on the recommendation of my great friend of many years, Canadian Artist Gena LaCoste who had visited here around this time last year. We went there for the Chiles en Nogada. Thanks, Gena!

So what does this have to do with a Pirate Ship in the Bay of Banderas? Not so much, really. However, if you are patient and be sure to look in on tomorrow's post, you will gain a better understanding of why I was excited when she hove into view.

I have always wanted to someday live in a penthouse. When I found this one with four days on the calendar fot less than the cost of one night in a cheap hotel in Albuquerque, I decided Guadalajara could wait. And since it coincided with my last day with my Dutch pals, Gerard, Dini and Bjorn, it seemed the right thing to do. It was.

Don't forget, tomorrow, the Pirate Surprise.

Untl then,

Hasta mañana.



RELIC / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2 / Photone

I've been playing again. I grabbed a quick snapshot while driving past this old wagon, recently, and tonight, while the tv was blathering, I decided to have some fun. First, the snapshot:

Which I cropped to get rid of unwanted elements, mainly my rear view mirror.

I dropped it into Snapseed and started to play. I cropped it further to get a composition I liked, and began pushing the colors and adjusting values; sharpened it a bit. Almost stopped here.

Tried a tighter crop, but decided I liked the more open version better.

I went back and started really pushing colors around, toying with various tools, going for extremes.

More playing, pushing, pumping the colors. Really liked this one. Decided maybe I shoulld try a black and white version, just to be sure.

Oh, yeah. Liked this one. Couldn't leave it alone, though.

Gave in to temptation and started messing with filters until I found this effect after switching to PhotoForge 2.

Then I moved into a new, to me, at least app called Photone and gave it this sort of gold tone effect. Hmmm, pretty nice, no? Still not satisfied, I decided to take it back into my old pal PhotoForge 2, push it around a little bit more, and add a border.

I showed all the various iterations to Thea, and she picked the one you see at the top of the page. Obviously, I agreed. Which do you like best?

Hasta mañana.



DEER SKULL AND BEAR CLAWS / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge2 / Tuxpi

In searching for an iPad app that would allow me to add a frame or a mat to a photo, I came across a website, Tuxpi.com, that would do just that. I was able to arrive at the above result in just a couple of minutes. Not bad. So far it seems a bit limited; no ability to vary or blur shadows, for instance. These things are easy to do on a PC or a Mac. I'm sure there is a way to do what I want on the iPad. In fact, there are ways, but so far I've only found apps that eat away at the edges of the image by overlaying their effect.

Does anyone out there have a solution? If not, I'll keep looking and let you know what I find.






Here's a photo I took with my iPhone 6 Plus, recently, in the San Juan Market in Mexico City. I'm happy with it. However, I couldn't help wondering how ot might work as a black and white:

Hmmm, I like this one, too. But I decided to return to the full color version. Then I thought, what if it had “bokeh” (selective focus), forcing the foreground to appear more important by playing down the background:

I decided to push the bokeh more aggressively…

But felt that maybe that was too extreme. I decided to go back and tinker with the colors:

Oh, yeah, I like that; but how about more of the same?

Garish? Maybe. I do like it, though. I tried adding some bokeh to this version:

OK, that's my favorite. Not realistic, true. Overdone. Obvious, even. An abstraction, really. But then, so is the black and white version. It's not natural, either. Truth is, though, this bright, powerful version feels more like being there, to me. More like the emotional impact of being there. Both have their audience. Frankly, I'm in the audience for both.

I'm still happy with the original, too, really. It's already miles ahead of anything I was ever able to do before digital photography came along.

Now, I don't much like using the ready made filters in the apps I work with, even though some, not all, of them are quite beautiful and effective. I prefer to play around with various adjustments, sometimes delicately, sometimes pushing them beyond reason. I don't keep track of my methods, because I don't want my work to become formulaic. I approach each image based on its content, and manipulate it accordingly.

Apps used, PhotoForge2, Leonardo, Snapseed.

Next, we'll take a part of this image and get really wild with it. Stay tuned…

Hasta Mañana