I had a great time, on Saturday, at Cowboy Camp on Clint Mortenson's ranch south of Santa Fe, shooting with friends @Steve Immel and @Steve Bundy. This found still life, so typical of ranch life was something I just couldn't pass up.




I'm not quite ready to get started on the action shots from the rodeo, so when this little found still life presented itself, I decided to take a brief detour.




Another found life of bull rider gear from the recent Taos Rodeo before we go to the action shots.



I went to photograph the Taos Rodeo last week. I took only my iPhone 6s Plus, and elected, as usual, to shoot mostly behind the scenes. This found still life is the sort of thing I was after. However, in the coming days, you will see that I drifted into some action shots, as well.




Light and shade. Cool and warm. Hard and soft. i love contrasts.

See you tomorrow…



The next time you're out to dinner and the waitperson brings you a glass of water with a lemon slice…

Whip out your camera and have some fun. I usually try and make a pure abstraction from such shots, but I liked this one, affected by the ambient light, cropped and very lightly processed, otherwise, just the way it came out of my iPhone.

To see some earlier pieces from the series, click here.

Beauty is where you find it!



Long day. Wifi on bus from Queretaro to Mexico City virtually non-existant. Ditto for my room. So you're getting this from the restaurant where I'm waiting for my Octopus Machitos Tacos.

Ooo, my tacos just came, along with rice and plantanos. Delicious. Now, back to work…

I walked around a bit before heading to the bus and got a couple of street shots like this Mexican Still Life:

And this one I call Encounter:

I waited and waited for the guy to get out of my frame. Fortunately, I kept on shooting while waiting, and got this version that I like much more than the one I finally got with just the manikin!

I only had couple of minutes while waiting for my bus, but managed these two iPhone finger sketches…

Seems like everyone is on some mobile device.

Well, my tacos are all gone, and it's time to head back to my room.

From Ciudad de Mexico, no longer Mexico DF, Hasta mañana.



I've run into some tecnical problems, so will leave you with this Mexican Still Life Street Shot in Black and White.

Hasta mañana.



BULL RIDER STILL LIFE / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

Today was the last day of the 2016 Campeonato Internacionál de Charrería. Tomorrow I rest and try to get all four days' images sorted, saved and backed up. It won't be a day off, but it will be a day off my feet!!!

What's next? Stay tuned…

Hasta mañana.






COFFEE TABLE AND BRUSHES / iPad Air 2 / Leonardo / FrontView / Snapseed

Playing around with my iPad Air 2, I came up with this somewhat different view of one of my favorite subjects. These brushes are what's left of many recovered from a train wreck on the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe, west of Flagstaff, Arizona, back in the late sixties. I guess I'm going to have to get busy if I ever want to use them all up.