This image wasn't made by using filters. It's an extreme crop from my iPhone 6s Plus. I initially cropped it to see what was there, but when I started playing around with the sliders in Snapseed, it began to take on the look of a painting instead of becoming pixelated. I like the effect, and will experiment with it more. I will be interested to try a comparison between the camera's digital zoom and the effects inherent in an extreme post processing crop.

See you tomorrow…



I hope you will bear with me awhile. I've started another sequential piece. In other words, this one will come to you as a work in progress. I have been doing a completed painting every day, now, since beginning this blog in 2010. That is, until I decided, with Calakas Dancing, to teach myself to paint on the iPad Air, using just my finger.

Those daily paintings were small, six by six and five by seven inches, and were each done in a single day, no matter what else I was doing. The first of these daily paintings took several days, as the medium was completely new to me. When that was finished, I did a few that could, like my traditional pieces, be done in a day.

The one I've started on today, however, is going to be an exercise in technique. I want to approach this one by working the way I would if I were working in a dry meduim like Pastels or Oil Pastels on a large panel, say forty by forty inches. This will take a couple of days, but I hope you will find it interesting to see it develop.

It may not look like much at this stage, but I have been working on it since five this morning and it's now ten o'clock. It should go much faster once the personalities are established, and as I learn and become more proficient with this new way of working.

Now, while I'm in Spain, I would like to see something more than the inside of my room. Breakfast is starting to sound pretty good, too, or at least a cup of coffee and some toast.

I don't have wifi in my room, so it will be a while before I post this. Thanks for your patience, gang…

¡Hasta Mañana!