RED, WHITE AND BLUE / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

Here's another shot from my recent visit to Taos Pueblo with Larry Mangino.

My old favorite app PhotoForge2 was purchased by, as I remember, Yahoo quite a while back. They promptly removed it from the App Store. I don't know why. I seem to be able to move it from iPad to iPad, and it has survived all ios updates, so far. But I'm sure its days are numbered. Besides, it doesn't much good for me to keep listing it as the app I've used since it's no longer available. Therefore, I've been slowly trying to wean myself away from my dependency on it. Snapseed has pretty much taken its place as my go-to app, although there are some adjustments that I'm still more comfortable doing with my old standby.

Anyway, today's image didn't require much in the way of adjustments, so I was able to make do with just Snapseed. There are still a couple of apps that I use on occasion, for special adjustments, such as perspective correction. I'm going to get more familiar with a few and dump the rest in the interest of becoming somewhat more of a digital minimalist. That, I have to admit, is a distant goal.

I spent the entire day, today, researching and organizing, putting together accessible information on self publishing. Still more to be done tomorrow, then I hope I will be able to get back to work on my current book projects, one at a time.

Oh, no. Here comes midnight, again.

Hasta mañana.


3 thoughts on “RED, WHITE AND BLUE

  1. Am I the only one CB… my first thought was There: the ‘Red in the adobe, the White vehicle, the Blue sky!’ (Later I saw old Glory in the window.)
    There are always layers of depth to your pics and art. Thanks!

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