NAVAJO MEDICINE BUNDLE / Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches / ©John Farnsworth wpeedoiepeiiwuweuieppp

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Ahhh, that going to Sedona to sleep was a great idea. Warm as toast, I slept like I knew how. I needed that!

I had delivered a large leather chair to my daughter last evening, and that freed up a lot of space in Betsy. It also left Betsy in a definite state of disarray. So after a brief look around Sedona and a drive up through Oak Creek Canyon, (too many tourists and too many signs, warnings and restrictions) I soon found that all my favorite little dirt roads, where I’d hoped to find a little peace and quiet and solitude, had been fenced off by big brother. I did find a semi-private spot in the picnic grounds at Fort Tuthill, site of the Coconino County Fair.

i worked on cleaning and reorganizing Betsy until time to make my daily painting. Wow, do I ever have a lot of space now. I may even be able to find things when I need them. Life is good.

With my painting done, I gave my Godson, Ryan a call and dropped by for a visit. Lo and behold, his dad, Mac Heck, my old high school pal and the best friend a man could ever have was visiting. Mac is a fulltiming campground host at Roosevelt Lake, north of Phoenix, half of the year, and at Big Bear Lake, in California, the other half, and really in his element. What a treat to get to visit both of these great guys at the same time!

THE PEAKS / iPhone 4s / JotNot / iPhoto

For some unknown reason, the photo doesn’t want to load. So I’m heading back to Sedona for a warm camp.I’ll try again later with the photo.

Ahhh, there it is. A snap of a beautiful lenticular cloud above the San Francisco Peaks. This was the view from Betsy as we approached Flagstaff on the way from Sedona.

One thought on “NAVAJO MEDICINE BUNDLE Daily Painting #606

  1. Am really happy to see how you are paying tribute to Navajo Tribes. Our government gave them a lot of hurt because they wanted their land.

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